A New Way to Use Alcohol Inks

By now, if you’ve been following my posts for any time, you know that I love using alcohol inks. I use them for painting with brushes & tools, for creating abstract backgrounds, and even combining those two techniques! I also use them to create alcohol ink wearable art – aka jewelry. You can find my jewelry on sale in my store, HERE.  So, you know that alcohol ink can be used on non-porous surfaces. Did you know that includes ANY non-porous surface, including candles? Yes – candles! And it’s so easy, and fun to do.


You can decorate your candles to match your decor! Use any colours you have, in any combination that you want. After creating the alcohol ink sunflower piece that I shared yesterday in THIS POST, I decided to make candles to coordinate with it! First, here are the candles.

A New Way to Use Alcohol Inks

Wondering how I did this? Okay, I’ll share!


First, choose some plain candles in a neutral colour. These ones I bought from the local dollar store, in white. To make sure your candles are clean of dust, etc., wipe them down with some isopropyl alcohol. Next, cut a piece of plastic wrap (the kind from your kitchen) big enough to cover each candle. You’ll need 1 piece for each candle.

Next, add drops of your chosen colours of alcohol inks onto the plastic wrap, working from the middle outwards. The further outwards towards the edge, the higher up on your candle  you design will reach. I chose Ember, Sunshine Yellow, Sunset Orange, and Gold Mixative, to coordinate with my sunflower art piece.

Now, place your candle in the middle of the plastic wrap, and bring up the edges of the wrap around the candle. Scrunch the wrap as your pushing it tight to the sides of the candle; this is what creates the texture. Repeat this step with the second candle. Below is  how your candles will look, wrapped up.

A New Way To Use Alcohol Inks

Set the candles aside overnight, to allow the ink to completely dry. In the morning, gently peel the wrap from the candles, and delight in your creation!


Look at how well my candles coordinate with my Sunflower art!

A New Way to Use Alcohol Inks

How awesome would this be as a gift for a friend? Or as I said, choose your colours to coordinate with your own decor. Alcohol inks can also be used on different metals, for another amazing look! First I have to track some down, before I can share with you.


Get creative! Try this new way to use alcohol inks on the candles  you have around the house. I’d love to see what you create – just take a photo, and send me an email.

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