Agate Geode in Resin

Oh, I’m having such fun with my resin projects! I just finished pouring this Agate Geode in resin and just have to share! Please excuse the mess – focus on the project, not the mess around it. I did zoom in to avoid the worst of the mess, but you know… I can’t be creative and neat at the same time!


I’ve been dying to create one of these, and finally got all the necessary ‘parts’ together! The mold is from one of my favourite suppliers in the U.S. called Dryer Days, as are some of the resin pigments used. The fire glass and coloured stones are ordered on Amazon, and of course you can’t put it together without resin.

Agate Geode in Resin

The beige board background isn’t the prettiest way to show this off, and neither are all of the drips! But, you get the idea of the colours.  I just love the blue, gold and white!


Watching the colours mix and disperse is so fun! Have a look at the close up photo, below.

Agate Geode in Resin

The blue stones with the clear fire glass, crystal quartz chips, gold pigment and gold glass shards mixed in the resin look really cool – even better in person!

This agate geode measures 13 1/2″ inches long, and 9″ at it’s widest part.  I’ve created this to be a display art piece, as it has so many raised areas with the inclusions of crystal quartz, fire glass and blue glass stones. Otherwise, if it were more smooth in the center, I could add handles and it would be a fabulous large tray.


I’ll be adding this beautiful agate geode to my online Shop as soon as it’s cured.  I’ll try to remember to do a quick video when I de-mold it; I’m usually so excited that I forget! After that, it will have to cure for at least 72 hours or more. Then, it will be impervious to bending or finger marks being left on the resin.  I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I’ve listed it!

If you’d like an art piece agate geode for yourself, or as a tray, let me know!  If you give me enough time, I can do custom colours for you, or as a gift.  Be sure to CLICK HERE to see the other great gift ideas (for yourself or someone else) in my Shop.

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