Alcohol Ink Blending Fun Continues


Have you joined the alcohol blending trend yet? Oops – I mean alcohol INK blending! Not the other kind! If not – I highly suggest it! It’s a very fun, relaxing and kind of exciting thing to do. The exciting part comes in because you’re not always positive how your project will turn out. You may start with one idea, but if the ink flows the other way, well…go with the flow! My alcohol blending fun continues with today’s card I’m sharing with you.


Or if you’re a branding guru, it’s Amethyst, Patina and Gold! Those are the names of the Ranger Alcohol inks that I used on this card, along with a bit of Alcohol Blending Solution.

Alcohol Ink Blending Fun Continues

I love these colours together! I would call them ‘jewel tone’ colours; rich, bright colours with a lot of depth. They’re my favourites. Do you remember, ages ago, when we’d “get our colours done”? You know, so called experts would tell us whether we’re a summer, winter, etc? Or maybe I just really dated myself!!


Alcohol ink blending is super easy to do, which is one of the fun aspects of it. All you need is some Yupo Medium; if you don’t have that, then glossy photo paper works too. How you apply the inks, and in what order is up to you; this is how I do it. Start with one colour, and place several drops across your panel. Alcohol ink dries very quickly, so you need to be fast, moving your panel or blowing on the ink quickly, before it dries. Adding some drops of the Alcohol Blending Solution helps keep the ink wet, and allows you to move it for a bit longer.

Add your second colour in drops, blending them where you want. I’ve done a combination of tilting my Yupo medium as well as adding Blending Solution, and using my handy-dandy air puffer (blowing through a straw makes me dizzy!).  Now add in your Gold Mixative, and blend that in how you like. This is such a free-flowing technique, there really is no right or wrong way to do it. Unless you lose all your ink off the paper – that’s the wrong way! LOL

Alcohol Blending Fun Continues


Your panel will dry very quickly, unless you’ve created large puddles of ink. Set it aside to dry, and create the rest of your card. Use the Everyday Bouquet Dies from Concord & 9th to die cut the banner from Vellum. The letters are from the same die set, cut from gold foil cardstock. Attach the letters to the vellum with liquid glue, and then attach the vellum to your panel, again with the liquid glue. I placed the glue onto the back of the vellum where the letters are, so it can’t be seen.

Attach your alcohol ink panel to a panel of black cardstock, and then onto a teal cardstock base with foam tape or squares.


Come to think of it, you could get some friends together for a ‘stamp and sip’, and enjoy both types of alcohol – inks & drinks! Hey – that’s a good name – Inks & Drinks! 🙂 I’ve included links below for where you can order these supplies from, and have fun.

Alcohol Blending Fun Continues

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4 thoughts on “Alcohol Blending Fun Continues

  1. What a fun card! I love those rich colors together too! I remember when everyone was getting their colors done. I never did but it was a fun idea.

    1. I was told that my ‘colours’ were ‘winter’ – which are the bright, jewel tones. Which worked well, because they’ve always been my favourite! I’m glad that you enjoyed my card, Susan 🙂

  2. Inks and Drinks? What an AWESOME idea! Gorgeous card, and I LOVE those colors. Jewel tones are my favorites. I love the bold, rich colors.

    1. That was a pretty good flash of inspiration on the ‘inks & drinks’ wasn’t it, Buffy! Feel free to use it 🙂 So glad you enjoyed my jewel tone card!

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