Alcohol Ink Art Swap

You may recall me talking about the Alcohol Ink Conference that took place last month. Those of us who participated had the opportunity to sign up to do an alcohol ink art swap! Of course I signed up – we had some basic requirements for our art piece – minimum/maximum size, must contain alcohol ink as part of the art piece, etc. Well, now that I know that the recipient of my piece has received it, I can share it with you!


One of the tutorials in the conference was by Beth Kluth, about different ways to create sunflowers with alcohol ink. She showed how to create the petals with ink blowing, which I’ve done before, and using a brush. She also showed a different way to do the middle of the sunflower. I decided to combine her way of doing the middle, with the ink blowing, and adding some pen lines, that I’ve done before on THIS sunflower.

This is a photo of the sunflower swap I sent, before I mailed it off.

Alcohol Ink Art Swap

I loved Beth’s idea of using ‘unexpected’ colours to create the middle of the sunflower!


First, I drew out a half circle on the Yupo with a pencil. Next, I blew out the petals in 3 different ink colours. Starting with the back petals, I blew out Red Pepper. The middle row of petals is in Sunset Orange, and the front row is Sunshine Yellow.  Having the 3 rows of colours gives lots of depth to the flower.

Next, I use a brush to brush on Sailboat Blue ink as a base for the middle of the flower. I love the brightness of this blue! When this is dry, I added the dots of other colours, using  small brushes. Some dots are layered on top of each other, some by themselves. I made sure to keep some of that beautiful blue background showing through.  The colours I chose for the dots include Citrus, Wild  Plum, Teakwood, Sunshine Yellow and Red Pepper. Tying in some of the colours used for the petals provides cohesiveness.

After the ink had dried, I then used my Micron black pens in different sizes to add the petal outlines, and ‘doodle’ lines.

Alcohol Ink Art Swap

I love how the look of this sunflower changes, when you flip the orientation!  I signed the back of this piece, so that my recipient could frame & hang it in whatever orientation she prefers.


I highly recommend giving alcohol inks a try, if you haven’t already! Whether you prefer to create representational art, or abstract, alcohol ink gives you the freedom to do both. If you don’t know where to start, you can join the Alcohol Ink Community for free – and there’s lots of videos & a Facebook group as well, for help and information.

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6 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink Art Swap

  1. Boy, this is an absolutely stunning card. The blown petals are amazing. And that center!!! Such beautiful and so much to enjoy about all the detail.

    1. I’m glad that you like my unusual sunflower, Jackie! I was fun to use the brighter colours to create the center 🙂

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous Deb – no doubt you are having a lot of fun trying all these techniques with AI’s – you are making some beautiful Art.

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