Auction Success and Upcoming

Happy Friday! I hope that you’ve had a creative week; mine has been very busy! I’m still working on my Glitz & Glamour Collection suite of products. One thing you can’t rush is resin curing – that would be disastrous! So thank you for your patience while I’m working. I’m hoping to be able to share them with you next week. In the meantime, I’d like to share with you the success of The Fur Bearers auction, and the upcoming Exposed Wildlife Conservancy Auction.


I’m proud to support the conservation efforts of several groups, The Fur Bearers being one of them. They focus on the ‘fauna’ – the animals of Canada and their habitat. I was pleased to donate my Aurora Wolf piece to their recent auction, and happy to say that there was a winning bid! Below is a photo of the Aurora Wolf that I donated.

This is a photo from their newsletter, thanking all participants.

It’s wonderful to see so many artists and businesses donate items and services to such a good cause!


While the Fur Bearers auction has been ongoing for several years, this is the first year for the Exposed Wildlife Conservancy! So I’m very excited to participate in their inaugural virtual auction.

Auction Success and Upcoming

This Conservancy focuses on raising awareness of critical wildlife and conservation issues in Canada. As well, they bring to light current practices that are not based in science, and are/may be detrimental to the wildlife. One of the co-founders is John E. Marriott, and incredible wildlife photographer, of whom you may already be aware. For more information about them, please visit the Exposed Wildlife Conservancy website HERE. And enjoy the amazing photos!

The Through (our) Wild Eyes silent auction looks to bring awareness to a few of the most pressing wildlife management challenges facing us today as well as raise funds to develop and implement appropriate solutions. The goal is to raise $30,000 to help give our wildlife a voice. There is everything from incredible outdoor experiences to awe-inspiring paintings to breathtaking photographs.

For this auction, I have donated my Howling Wolf resin art piece. As this piece depicts the wolf and it’s natural habitat, I thought that it was perfect for this auction. Here’s a photo of it, below.

Howling Wolf

The Exposed Wildlife Conservancy virtual auction starts on May 21st, and runs through May 29th. But you can look at everything available to bid on now – just CLICK HERE!

I hope that you’ll take a moment to view the auction items, and if you are able, bid when the auction opens on May 21st. Yes, I’ll post a reminder!

Have a great weekend!


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