Aurora Borealis Bear

I’m really excited about my newest project! I’m calling him my Aurora Borealis Bear, or Northern Lights Bear. Recently I shared a project of a wood cut frame Sunflower that I had completed using resin and fire glass.  You can see it in THIS POST. At that time, I had hinted about other similar projects that I had in the works. Well, my Aurora Borealis Bear is one of them!


I just love these gorgeous wood cut frames!  The maker of these beautiful items is Angie Collin, in the U.S.  She creates so many different shapes, in themes and sizes. I’ve already put in a new order, and I haven’t finished the items in my first order! I think that the wood frame is a perfect compliment to the items in nature, such as the sunflower, and this bear.  Below, this photo shows how the wood cut frame looked when I received it. You can choose which way you want the bear to face; left or right.

Aurora Borealis Bear


I decided that I wanted my bear to face left – who knows why! I knew that I wanted to add the Aurora Borealis lights above the mountains, so I chose my colours for the sky. I chose a beautiful dark blue, and added a hint of black into my resin. For the mountains I combined alcohol ink and mica powder for a soft dark grey.  These first layers were then left a day, to cure.

The next day, after the first layer had cured, was to add the ‘stars’ in the sky, and the snow on the mountains.  Next, I added the Northern Lights, using chameleon mica powders. That part was such fun!  After waiting several hours to ensure everything was dry, the final layer of clear resin was added, to seal everything.

Here he is, my Aurora Borealis Bear!

Aurora Borealis Bear

Well, what do you think? I admit that I’m rather biased, but I am quite happy with how this project turned out.


I’ll be listing this Aurora Borealis Bear, along with the beautiful Sunflower, in my Shop  soon.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, so if you want to claim either for your own, feel free to drop me a message at  I can ship where ever you need.


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