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I’ve been working on mostly resin projects for weeks, and I was feeling the pull of my brushes. So I went back to Brusho, and watercolour. Boy, it’s amazing  how you lose the ‘muscle memory’ if you don’t practice something constantly! So, my apologies for less than perfect work, but hey! Just keepin’ things real, here.


In our Brusho Fun Facebook group, this month’s word prompt is ‘weather’.  And since I’m the one who suggested it, I thought I should make the effort to paint something! I thought that I’d ease myself back in by following a tutorial. One of my favourite Brusho artist (watercolour artist, as she does more than just Brusho) is Joanne Boon Thomas. Her work is amazing – so loose, so stylish and totally incredible.  My #paintergoals, seriously. I don’t know if I’ll ever achieve the easy style that she has.  THIS is the tutorial that I followed – as always, the errors are my own, and have no reflection on Joanne’s teaching!

Back to Brusho


In Joanne’s tutorial, she used only 2 colours; Yellow Ochre and Payne’s Blue Gray.  However, there is no Payne’s Blue Gray in Brusho, so I made a mix of Gray plus Violet, and used that in it’s place. I did use the Yellow Ochre, and in some parts I used it too strongly. I did try washing it out & lifting, but was only partially successful.

Joanne’s tutorial showed how to create the shadow at the edge of the river bank, but I wasn’t totally successful with that, either.  I highly recommend that you watch her tutorial – even if just to see how effortless she makes it look!

I’m pretty chuffed that my tree looks okay – I’m usually crap at drawing my own trees, but everything was sketched out by me, before painting.

The background trees don’t need sketching -just a basic shape outline. Using the side of my brush to create the background trees is also something new for me – and something I need to practice! But that’s why we do tutorials, right? To learn new techniques, as well as practice what we know.

I think I’ll try this painting again, using my Daniel Smith paints. Just to see if using that Yellow Ochre and the Payne’s Gray I have will make a big difference. Plus – it’s more practice for me!

If you’re interested in watercolour painting, and using Brusho, I recommend checking out Joanne Boon Thomas’ website and her YouTube channel. Also, the Fine Art Café Academy has great tutorials, both free and paid, by some more fabulous artists, as well as Joanne Boon Thomas!

In the meantime, below I’ve included links for products that I used in my painting.

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