Beach Theme Clock Finished!

I feel like there should be a drumroll, or trumpets blaring, or some sort of fanfare! It’s done – my Beach Theme Clock is now finished, and available for purchase. I’m very happy with how it looks. The silver ‘ticks’ and hands of the clock are nice and fresh against the blue & white of the water, and stand out against the sand. Here’s a look at the finished clock.


The clock is 12″ round, and just under 3/4″ thick (without including the ‘ticks’ and hands). It is decorated with acrylic paint, texture paste, sand and 2 layers of resin, tinted in a total of 4 colours.

Beach Theme Clock Finished!

The watermark of my business name is on the photo only – not on the actual clock! This photo above is with a white background; below you can see it with a different background. I temporarily hung it in my dining room, for the photo, and the walls there are kind of a mushroom colour.

There’s also different lighting, so that changes the photo, as well.


I chose black acrylic paint for the sides & back of the clock. I felt that the black was less likely to distract from the clock, when viewed from the side, than say white.

Beach Theme Clock Finished


For hanging, the hardware is already attached to the back of the clock. All you have to do is find the perfect spot to display it! Plus, the clock mechanism is battery driven, so you won’t need worry about hiding pesky wires. Whether you have a beach cottage or just love a beach theme, this is a gorgeous clock that will definitely be a conversation starter!

You can find this beautiful Beach Theme Clock in my Shop now for purchase! CLICK HERE to find it, and feel free to browse around for other items that may catch your fancy, as well.

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    1. Thank you, Jan! Yes, I’ll be adding this clock, plus a few other pieces to The Fine Art Café, today!

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