Bird on a Wire

Hello again, my crafty friend! As I was browsing through one of my favourite alcohol ink group pages on Facebook, I came across an art piece that immediately delighted me! It was a depiction of a bird sitting on a branch, which I used as inspiration for my bird on a wire. I watched the video done by the creator – I only know her by her posted name ‘Scary Hair Lady Art’. I’ve never seen her hair, but I do love her whimsical art!


Here is the video by Scary Hair Lady, which is my inspiration. I just love that people so generously share their art, and encourage others to try it themselves.

Isn’t that amazing?! And of course, it seems so effortless when she does it! Now, I don’t own an airbrush, but it’s now moved to the top of my wish list.


I decided to put my bird on a wire, rather than a branch. That was the only easy part of this project!

Bird on a Wire


I honestly tried to do the same as the video, but I used canned air, instead of a compressor. I tried a straw, but couldn’t get enough air to blow the ink far enough. So, the tail feathers are quite as ‘feathery’ as I want. And the bird’s body is a little chunky – and look at that top knot!

When doing the body, I put down the Cobalt alcohol ink, and then added a drop of alcohol blending solution. To try to maintain the shape, I did use a straw at this point, blowing the air around the oval, trying to keep it in an oval shape. However, some pieces went their own way. I decided to embrace these abstract tendrils, and gave my bird a fancy hair do. I put a few drops of the Cobalt ink into my palette, and used a small brush to add some more feathers to the head.

When the ink is dry, add the feet with an orange alcohol marker – this lifts the blue ink off. In between toes, scribble off the lifted ink onto a scrap piece of paper. Next, draw on the beak with the same orange marker.  Add the eye with a black Sharpie marker. Finally, use a fine tip white Posca paint pen to add the white highlight to the eye.

Bird on a Wire

Above, you can see the close up of the ink colour. This Cobalt is one of the newest alcohol ink colours, now available. It’s such a rich, gorgeous blue!

To create the background, do this before adding the bird. On a felt applicator, add Cloudy Blue ink and a bit of alcohol blending solution. In a left to right sweeping motion, apply the ink to the Yupo. Add more ink & blending solution if needed. This panel of Yupo is 5″ x 9″, so I did add more about halfway down. To create the texture in the sky, move the ink applicator in a small circular rubbing motion in small areas.

Once the bird is finished, use the black Sharpie to drawn the wire under the feet.


I’ll definitely try to create this bird again! The biggest trick is using the canned air, or air compressor, whichever you have. I did use a practice piece for about 5 minutes before creating this bird, just to get the motion down. Even then – you’ll still be surprised by how it turns out! But that’s part of the fun of alcohol inks. I’d love to hear what you think of my version of this funky bird! Is it good enough to frame?

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    1. Thanks so much, Susan! I’m glad that you like my blue bird 🙂 Yes – my hair usually looks like that when I first get up in the morning….or during a tough day!

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