Bring the Beach To You!

Happy Monday, my friend! We’re looking at a cold snap for the week, here in B.C. Which is a good excuse for staying inside and creating! We all know that traveling to a tropical beach can’t happen right now. But I have a way that you can bring the beach to you!


I just unmolded these fun alphabet beach themed keychains today (Sunday)! You can have your own letter in beautiful Mermaid turquoise & clear resin, with REAL tiny seashells and starfish!

Bring the Beach To You!

Aren’t these adorable?!  I purposely left the bottom portion of each letter clear, to better show off the tiny seashells.


To create these little cuties, I mixed two batches of resin. In one, Mermaid alcohol ink is mixed in. The second batch is left clear. First, the seashells and starfish are added, and then the resin.  After curing for 24 hours in the mold, they are removed, and allowed to cure another 24 hours.

Here’s a close up picture so that you can see the tiny shells!

Bring the Beach To You!

I think they look great! As you’re reading this post, I’ll be drilling the hole in each one to add the hardware for the keychain. Then, once that is added, I’ll be adding a little tassel, just for extra design.  I’ll share another picture once they’re all done, and in my Shop. That should be Tuesday or Wednesday – they’ll be finished & fully cured by then.


The two photos above are the letters lying down, on a piece of marble tile. The photo below shows some of the letters standing up. You can see that the letters are translucent, even with the Mermaid colour.

Bring the Beach To You!


If you’d like to reserve your letter, or letters (these make great gifts for friends and family!), email me at  Each letter measures 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″, approximately 1/4″ thick; and with keychain hardware and tassel will be $9.95, plus shipping. If you live local to me, you can ‘porch’ pick up, for free.  So bring the beach to you – and your friends and family! They’ll love this thoughtful, personalized gift.

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