Brusho Coneflowers

Welcome to a new week! I did some painting over the weekend, after watching a tutorial by the very talented Lynn Shield. She is a member of the Brusho Fun group to which I belong, on Facebook. If you love Brusho as much as I do (or even a bit less), you should join us! Lynn shared her free tutorial on Brusho Coneflowers on The Fine Art Café Academy site. You can watch it too – all you have to do is create an account – it’s free to do so!


Coneflowers are also known as Echinacea, are part of the daisy family. They’re a beautiful looking flower, and so lend themselves well to being a subject for artists! In Lynn’s tutorial, she painted a red one. I didn’t have the exact colours that she used, so I improvised for my red one. Then, I had such fun doing it, I painted another one – two, actually – in oranges & yellows.  Here’s a photo of the 2 paintings, together.

Brusho Coneflowers

Do you have a colour preference? I like the drama of the red, but I also like the brightness of the orange!


For the red coneflower, I chose Brusho colours of Scarlet, Sandstone, Lemon, Ultramarine and Dark Brown.

Brusho Coneflowers

First, I traced the outline of the flower onto my 6″ x 9″ Arches 140 lb. cold press paper. Next, apply water with a wet brush to the ‘cone’ part of the flower – the center. Sprinkle the Sandstone, Lemon and Dark Brown over the wet area, and allow the colours to blend, and dry on their own. The petals and leaves are painted with a brush, picking up the crystals from a palette and dropping them into the wet petals.  For the areas around the flower, sprinkle the Brusho crystals directly onto the paper, and then spray with clear water.


These coneflowers are done exactly the same way as above. This time, I drew 2 flowers onto the watercolour paper.

Brusho Coneflowers

This time, I used Lemon, Yellow Ochre and Orange, in place of the Scarlet.  In both paintings, white highlights are added with a fine point white Posca paint pen, and some darker shadows added with a black Posca paint pen.


Do you like to watercolour paint? I’d love to hear what you’re working on!  Let me know, and tell me what products you like to use when you paint. As you know, I love my Brusho and Daniel Smith paints, but maybe you have a different favourite brand. I’ve added shopping links below to the products I’ve used for my paintings.

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