#brushobuddies inspiration

Where’s my #brushobuddies at?! Thanks so much to you who read my post yesterday about the fun & fabulous Brusho Fun Group on Facebook, and joined us! It was awesome to see so many new faces there. I just know that you’re going to love being part of this fun and informative group. If you missed yesterday’s post about joining this FREE group, please be sure to read it HERE. (go ahead – it’ll open in a new window. I’ll wait!)  Also in yesterday’s post I shared this week’s #brushobuddies inspiration photo. Each Monday, a royalty free image is shared for everyone to jump start their creative week, and paint.  Then, they share their painting in the group, using the hashtag – yup, you guessed it – #brushobuddies.


This is the photo for this week’s inspiration – kicking off my debut as the volunteer coordinator for this fun weekly event.

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I said that I was going to give it a try, and true to my word, I did!  Here’s my version, below.

#brushobuddies inspiration

Well, how did I do? I warned you that I’m pretty rubbish at painting pine cones, but I think it worked out okay. Those baubles have seen better times, though! LOL


I started by masking off half of my 7″ x 10″ Stonehenge Aqua Cold Press paper (it’s in a pad, as you can see in the photo, above). Next, since I have stamps, I stamped some snowflakes in Versamark ink on the paper, and then heat embossed with clear embossing powder. This kept the white paper underneath showing through.

Next, I wet the area where I wanted the pink/light red to be. With my brush, I picked up Scarlet Brusho from my palette, and dropped it onto the wet area. I used a very wet brush to spread the colour, as I wanted it more pink, than red. While it was still very wet, I liberally sprinkled on coarse Sea Salt, and set it aside to dry.

Once the salt and the paper were dry, I brushed off the salt – and you can see the fun patterns it left. Then I moved on to painting my pine cone. Aware of my limitations, I avoided going for a ‘photo realistic’ look, I used shading with various colours, including Light and Dark Brown, Grey and Violet.  After that was dry, I then went on to paint the baubles, using the same water-heavy Scarlet Brusho. The sliver caps were painted in with a Posca Paint Pen, and highlights added with white gouache paint. Did you know that Brusho is available in white? It’s added to my shopping list!

Finally, I splattered more white gouache over the whole painting, to mimic small snowflakes, and adding white gouache to the bottom for snow.

#brushobuddies inspiration

I guess since my pine cone is ‘impressionistic’, it’s okay that my baubles turned out that way, too!


If you like to watercolour, and want to learn about (or more about) using Brusho Crystal Colours,  I do hope that you’ll join us in the Brusho Fun Group HERE. All you need is access to Facebook! I’ll be looking for you! (but not in a creepy, stalking kinda way – no, no!)

You can order Brusho Crystal Colours direct from Colourcraft in the U.K., or from my affiliate stores listed below.

Affiliate links are provided, at no cost to you. When you choose to use my links, I receive a small commission, which helps me maintain my blog & keep creating. Thanks in advance!

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