Cabin in the Woods

Happy Friday, my friend! We’re closing out the week, and the year, with a fresh 2 feet (60 cm) of snow here! And we’re expecting more tomorrow – what fun! We haven’t seen this kind of snow here since 2008; it’s very unusual for where I live. Anyway, it does look very pretty, as long as you don’t need to drive anywhere. Just like this photo of a cabin in the woods, that I shared earlier this week. This photo is from the free image site Unsplash, and it’s this weeks #brushobuddies inspiration photo for our Brusho Fun group.


This is the original photo, if you missed my earlier posting of it HERE.

I decided to ‘zoom’ in a bit, to focus tighter on the cabin and immediate reflection and trees, for my painting.


First, I sketched out the cabin, shoreline and a line for the mountains. Then I started painting with my Brusho Crystal Colours.

Cabin in the Woods

Starting with the sky, I first wet the area with clean water. Then I added Ost. Blue, lifting the paint in some areas for variation. While the sky was still wet, the background trees are painted in, so that they would have a softer, less defined look. Next I painted the cabin, then the mountains and shoreline.  After that came the foreground trees. I then added some very light Ost. Blue  for the water, and then added then the reflections.

Once the mountains were painted using a combination of Grey and Violet, I switched to Dr. Ph Martin’s bleed proof white paint to add the snow to the cabin roof, trees, reflections, foreground and finally the mountains, once they were dry.

I added a few white lines of snow across the cabin, for a more realistic look.

My painting certainly doesn’t look exactly like the photograph, but it doesn’t have to! That’s the great part of  using a photo for inspiration. It gives you a good starting off point, and you carry on with your own vision from there.

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