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Earlier this week, I had shared a project that I made using the new 3D printed frames – it was the Flowers & Butterflies, you can see HERE in this post.  Today, I have a Celtic Knot to share with you – another of the 3D printed frames. Of course, with my Irish ancestry, I’m drawn to these intricate and amazing knots, that each  hold their own meaning in Irish lore.


According to my research, the Dara Knot has it’s origin from the oak tree. The word ‘dara’ comes from the Irish ‘doire’ meaning ‘oak tree’, and the knot is symbolic of the oak tree’s root system. The Dara Knot is meant to signify strength, leadership, destiny and power. Apparently, there are many interpretations of the Dara Knot – I think that this is one made by the creator of the 3D frame.

Celtic Knot

When you look at all Celtic knots, you’ll notice that all of the lines intertwine – there is no beginning or end.  This is thought to symbolize the interconnectivity, and/or eternity of life.


For this piece, I start with an 8″ x 8″, 1″ deep wood cradle board. After applying a thin layer of clear resin, I laid the 3D knot frame in the middle, then allowed the resin to cure. This secures the frame in place, and gives me a base to start.

The first colour I mixed is the gorgeous deep jade green mica powder into clear resin. I slowly applied this by hand, using small applicators (and at times a toothpick!).  I allowed this to cure overnight, before moving on to the yellow.

The beautiful golden yellow was added the next day. After allowing another night for it to cure, I then decided on the deep blue for the background.  The colours of Ireland are actually green, white and orange, with deep blue being their ‘unofficial’ 4th colour – that’s how I chose the blue. I suppose that I should have used orange, instead of yellow, for the 2nd colour in the knot!

After the front had cured, I removed the tape from the sides, and used a coordinating blue acrylic paint for the sides.  You can see that the edges of the frame are still visible, and gives a nice dimension to the piece.


I’m really happy with how this Celtic Dara Knot turned out! I quite like how the frame gives nice definition to the intricate knot, and the shine of the resin is beautiful! Let me know what you think – would you like to see it in different colours? Or do you have a favourite Celtic Knot?

This Celtic Knot is now available in my online Shop to purchase – CLICK HERE to go there, and enjoy browsing through everything available.  I’ve got more projects in the works, so be sure to come back often and check!

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