Christmas Gifts I Made & Gave

Happy ‘hump’ day! Here we are, winding down another year that felt like it would never end. At this time last year, I had some hopes that I may actually get to go on that postponed vacation; this year, I’m not harbouring the same hope! I’m still wishing, but not but not with any expectation that it will happen. *sigh*. Oh well – we make do the way we have for the last couple of years, right. More time to stay home and create! I hinted before Christmas that I had made some new items to give as gifts. Now that they’ve been received, I can share with you the Christmas gifts I made and gave.


I was so excited to finally get the molds for these napkin rings! I just really liked the square design with the hole in the middle. The flat edge top meant that I could add a decoration or embellishment. Since these were going to my brother & sister in law, who live on the beach, I went with the beach theme. Earlier in the year, I had gifted my SIL a set of the Beach Lover’s Coaster Set, which you can see HERE in my Shop.

Christmas Gifts I Made & Gave

I think they turned out great (and they did seem to love them!).


For the napkin ring, I tinted the resin with alcohol ink, so that it remained translucent. If I had used a mixative or mica powder, then the colour would have been opaque. Given the beach theme, I wanted to have the light shine through them, like sun on the waves.

After the napkin rings had cured, I used UV resin to attach the sea shells to the tops of the rings.  The UV resin bonds with the resin of the napkin rings very well, so the shells are very firmly attached!

I chose a combination of medium and small shells, to look like they had been washed together by the waves. Yes, I really did get into the theme while I was creating!  Here’s another look in the photo below, of the tops of all 6 napkin rings.

I like  how the natural shell colours look against the pretty blue of the napkin rings.


Since they’re also wine lovers, I decided to make some coordinating wine stoppers! I had also been anxiously awaiting this sphere mold for making them.

First, I did them in the translucent blue, the same as the napkin rings. After the sphere had cured, I again used UV resin to attach the sphere to the wine stopper base. Next, I made the same spheres, but left the resin clear, and added assorted sea shells, just like the napkin rings.



Look pretty cool, don’t they?


I really enjoyed making the Christmas gifts! I’ll be making more designs – some the same, some different, and adding them to my online Shop soon. If you have a particular colour or theme you’d like for yourself or as a gift, send me an email at, to place your order!

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts I Made & Gave

  1. Deb, what delightful gifts. I love the deep colors and additions from nature. The wine stoppers are really cool!! You mentioned cold and snow. Here in Ohio, we are having record warm temps and rain. The weather, she is crazy!

    1. So glad that you like my napkin rings and wine stoppers, Jackie! Adding the sea shells was a lot of fun. Yes, we’re in a ‘deep freeze’ here – all kinds of low temp records being broken, and more snow coming tonight! (send some of your warm temps, if you can!) 🙂

      1. These are so cool, Deborah! Perfect for beach lovers. And you can keep your deep freeze, thank you very much. We’ve had drizzly weather here the past couple of days, but I love the temperatures (mostly in the 50s). Perfect winter weather!! I do not miss the snow at all.

        1. Thanks, Buffy – so glad you like the napkin rings and wine stoppers 🙂 Well, we had about 2 feet of snow last night – at least you don’t have to shovel the rain!

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