Christmas Tree Baubles

Happy Friday, my friend! Wow, is it just me, or has this been a long week? The good news is the weekend is about to start. I hope that you’ll have time to create! Yesterday I had some fun making Christmas tree baubles with alcohol ink. I have made some already, I shared with you a week or so ago – you can see them HERE. For those baubles, I painted with alcohol ink on the outside of the white glass bauble. I also did some last year, that you can see in  THIS POST. For these ones today, I tried ink on the inside – then again on the outside!


These ornaments (store bought) are plain, clear plastic. The nice thing is that they’re a complete bauble – no mold line around the middle, which means that they look like glass.  Plus, they’re more ‘kid & pet friendly’ if you have little ones who like to help decorate the tree!

Christmas Tree Baubles

Am I right – they look like glass, don’t they? They feel like it, ,as well. These baubles are coloured with Ember and Gold ink, on the inside.


Here’s a look at the difference between inking on the inside versus the outside of the ornament.

Christmas Tree Baubles

The bauble on the left has the Ember and Gold inks on the outside. You can see the texture of the inks, plus I didn’t coat the entire bauble, but left some ’empty’ spaces. The bauble on the right has the ink on the inside. Which look do you prefer? The smooth, full coating of the inside inking? Or the textured look of the outside ink?


I decided to see what Silver would look like with Red Pepper ink.

Christmas Tree Baubles

The Red Pepper is more of a true red, where the Ember has a bit more of a brownish tone. It’s definitely more obvious when you see them side-by-side.  Both of thee baubles in the photo above have the ink on the outside.


So, which type of Christmas tree bauble do you prefer? Ember, or Red Pepper? Ink inside, or ink outside? So many choices, right?! Our tree is mainly blue and silver, with some pops of red. What colour scheme do you have for your tree? I’d love to know, as I’m trying to decide which colours to make more ornaments! Drop me a comment on this  post to let me know. I’ll be putting these, and the other ornaments in my online SHOP soon.

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