Circle Wave and Mountain

Happy Friday, my friend! I don’t know why, but whenever we’ve had a long weekend (it was Thanksgiving Monday, here in Canada) the week always feels longer than normal, instead of shorter! Why is that? Anyway, I do have a new project to share with you today. It’s another of my laser cut wood projects, called Circle Wave & Mountain. Just to clarify – I purchase the piece already cut – I don’t have the Glowforge or other type of laser cutter to create the base of this design! The decorating, however, is all me.


This is how the piece looked when I received it! I can smell the wood, and even smell the burn from the laser cutting.


I liked this piece because it basically encompasses nature. It’s also a lot like where I live; I’m at the base of a mountain, but a major river is only 5 minutes away; the ocean half an hour drive away. Also, it’s made from wood, which is obviously from nature, and I’m surrounded by trees at home, as well.

Circle Wave and Mountain

Before the rain started recently, we were enjoying some spectacular sunsets. Those inspired me to try & capture the dark reds and oranges in this piece.


The circle is 10″, and 1/4″ thick. All of the areas that were cut out are filled with tinted resin, and hand poured. At the bottom, you see the water, with a smaller wave cresting. I enjoyed pouring the top of the large wave, mixing the blue for the water with the white for the foam.

The sun & sky are yellow gold, orange and dark red, to mimic a sunset. Or maybe it’s a sunrise? You can choose!

Circle Wave & Mountain


I’ve added a bit of watered down mica powders in the water area, and around the sun. I may leave it, or I may decide to stain all of the wood areas a bit darker. What do you think? I’d love to hear your feedback!  Once I’ve decided, I’ll be listing this Circle Wave & Mountain for sale in my Shop.  I’ve added quite a few new pieces lately, so I hope that you’ll have a look! CLICK HERE to start your browsing – you just might find the perfect gift for yourself, or someone else!


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