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Welcome back, my friend! I have a fun new technique to share with you today. I watched a video on the Ranger Ink-ssentials Facebook Group by Sharen A.K. Harris, a talented artist. You do have to request to join the group, but it’s quick & easy – just answer a few questions. This group is for those who love to share their projects & techniques using Ranger products such as Stickles, Liquid Pearls, Archival Ink, Letter It and Perfect Pearls! The video I watched shows how to create dimensional art using Ranger Texture Paste, and Liquid Pearls.


In her video, Sharen showed how to create branches and flowers with the Texture Paste, and then add colour with the Liquid Pearls. I have the Texture Paste, but only 1 Liquid Pearls colour, so I improvised with the colouring portion. Don’t worry – I’ve order more Liquid Pearl colours!  Today I’m sharing 2 projects that I made, back-to-back; I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to tell which one was my first!

Create Dimensional Art

On the right is my first project – the tree branch, with white flowers. My 2nd attempt is on the left; the branch with pink flowers. Let’s talk about each one, and what I learned!


First, I’ll tell you the process, and then I’ll talk about what I learned. Start with a panel of watercolour paper. I use Arches 140 lb coldpress paper. With a pencil, lightly sketch out your branches. Now, create your background by applying a light watercolour wash. I chose my Daniel Smith Serpentine Genuine paint.  For this next step, I decided to colour the white texture paste before applying it to the dried background, using Sepia alcohol ink. To do this,remove some of the texture paste with a palette knife, and place it onto your craft mat or like I did, my Wendy Vecchi Stay-tion.  Add a drop of alcohol ink, and mix it into the paste, with the palette knife. Once the colour is mixed in, apply the paste over the sketched lines of the branches. To do this,  you can use either your palette knife, or a toothpick. I decided to  use a toothpick, as I wasn’t able to easily remove the paste onto the paper, with my palette knife. It’s a bit of a learning curve to get the ‘transfer’ technique down; you sort of press down, then draw the toothpick away, length wise.  It also helps if  your toothpick or palette knife is slightly damp, to release the paste.


To create the flowers, simply pick up a ‘blob’ of the white texture paste with either your toothpick or a stylus, and apply it to where you want a flower. Next, go back with the stylus and make a slight impression in the middle of the flower blob, to create the flower center.  To create leaves, simply place & drag off a small amount of paste, and shape it slightly to resemble a leaf. Remember – this is more impressionistic art – not photo realism!


I used a medium green alcohol marker to colour the leaves. For the flower centers, I added a drop of Liquid Pearls in Sunflower to the very middle. To colour the smaller flowers, I picked up a bit of the Liquid Pearls from my Stay-tion, and applied to to the ‘petal’ area, for more colour.

Create Dimensional Art


Okay – first of all, I went WAY to thick on the application of the Texture Paste, for the branches! It’s okay to have the main portion of the branch heavier, but as it tapers out, and into smaller branches, it should get thinner. Second – the colour! OMGosh – am I the only one who thinks it looks like poop?! I’m sorry – I tried, but just could NOT improve the colour. Lesson learned – start with a lighter colour. You can go darker, later! Third – I love the pearl-y shine of the Liquid Pearls! I’m so looking forward to getting more colours. The photo just doesn’t do it justice.  The other tip I shared above – have a small dish of water handy, so that you can keep your palette knife, toothpick or stylus a bit wet. The paste transfer onto the paper more easily that way.

One thing from Sharen’s video that I forgot about – while the Texture Paste is still soft, if you use a heat tool to dry it, the heavier applications (like the flowers or thicker branches) will puff up! That will give you even more dimension, without adding more paste.


Taking to heart the things I learned on my first project – I got to work on the second one.

Create Dimensional Art

This time, the branches were created with the white texture paste. As you can see, I kept the branches much thinner. Because of that,the flowers were kept smaller, and more leaves added. To add colour to the branches, use a light brown alcohol marker.  The dark center of the flowers was added by picking up Flamingo alcohol ink with a stylus, and dabbing it into the middle. The light pink of the petal areas was added with another alcohol marker, as was the green on the leaves. For the background, I chose Cerulean Blue and Wisteria Daniel Smith paints.

Create Dimensional Art

Don’t you love the dimension and texture?! It looks really good, in real life. I think that these, or at least this one, will make a nice card front.


I hope that by sharing my learning curve – which only took 1 sort of failed project – you’re willing to be brave, and give this a try! You’ll wow your friends by creating dimensional art, whether it’s for a card, or an art piece.

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  1. Oh my, what a wonderful technique. I love the texture you’ve created, and then the coloring. You are really featuring some amazing art!

    1. I’m glad that you like this, Jackie! Sharen is doing another technique tomorrow (Wednesday) – you should join the group! 🙂

  2. Deb, oh my goodness! I am stunned and in awe of your fabulousness! You know, to me, both are fabulous. I don’t see a before and after. Both are gorgeous! Wow, Deb. You rock 🎸🎸🎸 star 🌟🌟🌟!

    1. I’m glad that you like the texture technique, Marisela 🙂 It’s a fun way to change up your cards 🙂

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