Double Sided Painting

I recently finished another of the tutorials from the Alcohol Ink Community Spring Conference. Before I started I was a bit worried, as I’d never done one quite like this before. It’s a double sided painting!  For this painting, you use Translucent Yupo (or Duralar) as your substrate, and you paint on both sides. Teri Jones is the talented artist who shared her tutorial for the Conference.


Teri called this painting Glorious Day, and you can see why! The beautiful sunrise/sunset colours, calm lake and flowing waterfall. I’d love to be taking in this view, in real life.

Double Sided Painting

I was most worried about the waterfall, but I’m really happy with how it turned out!


This is a tutorial from a paid Conference, so I can’t share any links or ‘secrets’, but I can share the basics!  First, you start with the sky, on the back side of the paper. Two colours are added and blended together; Raspberry and Shell Pink. Once these inks are dry, turn over to the front, and add Sunshine Yellow to the sky area.  The combination of the 3 colours gives you a lovely muted orange, because the 2 on the back are softened due to the translucence of the paper.

Teri Jones had provided a sketch, which you place underneath your Translucent Yupo. The next step is to create the lake water area, then the mountains. While that is drying, move on to create the rocks, and add in the pretty flowers & leaves growing amongst the rocks.  To add a bit of colour to the waterfall, I turned my paper over again, and lightly blended on some very diluted Sailboat Blue ink.

Finally, add in the grass, island and trees. The last steps are to lift off the colour for the sun rays (you can do this on the front, or back, or both), and then add in highlights with a white gel pen.

Here’s a look at my finished painting, with a black mat over it.

Double Sided Painting

Have you ever tried doing a double sided painting? I liked it so much, I’m going to do it more!


If you’re interested in painting with alcohol ink, you should check out the Alcohol Ink Community. You can join the Community for free, and there are loads of free tutorials, as well.  You can join the Society, which is a paid membership, and gives you a lot more tutorials, and extra bonuses as well.  There are also tutorial classes (single classes, and series) that you can purchase at the Create SmART Academy.  You’ll find other tutorials by Teri Jones there, as well as many other fabulous alcohol ink artists.


I’ve listed below the supplies I used in creating my painting. A couple of money saving tips for you – if you shop at Scrap ‘N Stamp Canada, use my Design Team Discount Code 10DEB at checkout, for 10% off of your order! Also, Joggles is having a 25% off Sale on all Ranger products, including inks, right now!

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7 thoughts on “Double Sided Painting

    1. Thanks, Lynn! It’s fun to see how you can create different colours, depth & distance by painting on the back side. Glad you like it! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Buffy! I really enjoyed doing this painting 🙂 So glad that you like it!

  1. This is absolutely stunning. I can’t imagine painting both sides! I love the tree, the waterfall, the splashes of purple.

    1. I’m so glad that you like my ‘double sided’ painting, Jackie! It’s a fun technique to try, and allows you to add depth & shadows. You should give it a try – I’d love to see what you paint 🙂

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