Easy Alcohol Ink Trees

Don’t you love it when you see the word ‘easy’ in a description? I’m always a bit skeptical, especially with recipes. I get all excited, until I read that it requires 25 ingredients (3 exotic) and takes 3 hours to make. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Well, I’m not leading you on this time! These easy alcohol ink trees are actually easy. Now, anything requires some practice, but these just take a little bit.


All you need in the way of supplies is a piece of white Yupo, 2 colours of green alcohol ink for the trees, 2 colours of blue for the sky/snow, a small paint brush and a makeup wedge sponge! First, let’s take a look at the finished product, and then I’ll take you through the steps.

Easy Alcohol Ink Trees

These are definitely whimsical trees – they kind of remind me of Dr. Seuss trees. So if you’re into totally realistic images, then this isn’t for you. But they are fun, and quick!


Start with your panel of white Yupo (as opposed to translucent, if you’re wondering why I’m saying ‘white’). Create the sky by first adding some Alcohol Blending Solution onto the top portion, and then adding both Cloudy Blue and Sailboat Blue alcohol ink. Allow the inks to run together, tipping the panel from side to side. To help things along, and create some texture, use a small paint brush. Pull down some of the blues to create snowy hills for your trees.


Once your background is dry – about 30 seconds – you can start adding your trees. On the narrowest end of your sponge makeup wedge, first apply the lighter green (Limeade) directly to the sponge. You don’t need a lot of ink – a little goes a long way. Start by creating your tree trunk, lightly touching the end of the wedge directly to the Yupo, vertically. Once you have your tree height established, now turn the wedge horizontally, and create your branches. For the smallest branches at the top, lightly touch just the corner of the end. As you work your way downwards, touch more area of the wedge to the Yupo. Create your branches first on one side of the trunk, and then the other. This covers up the trunk, but I’m fine with that.

Once you’re finished with the Limeade ink, switch to another wedge, and repeat the process with a darker green, such as Botanical, as I chose.  Apply the darker green on top of the lighter, to create depth.  Repeat the whole process to create more trees, and smaller ones in the background.


To add some pretty ornaments to your largest tree, use some glitter glue or Stickles  in red and gold. Use a Posca white paint pen to add snowflakes. The paint pen  will sit on top of the alcohol ink, rather than be absorbed into it.  Stamp the sentiment from the Concord & 9TH Mistletoe Message stamp set in Nocturne ink onto  a strip of white cardstock. Cover it with clear embossing powder, and heat set. Attach the sentiment with some foam tape, and then attach your image panel to a dark green cardstock panel. Finally, add the whole front to a dark blue card base.

Easy Alcohol Ink Trees

I think this makes a wonderful, whimsical holiday card for someone!  Or, you could skip the card base, and pop it into a frame for piece of holiday art.


With just a few supplies, most that you probably already have on hand, you can have fun & make your own whimsical holiday trees. I admit that, not being a big makeup person, I did have to go out & buy the makeup sponges! Everything else, I already had. (I guess you can tell where my priorities are, right?)  Anyway, I hope you’ve been inspired to try out different tools for creating.  Have fun – and be sure to come back tomorrow afternoon, for our Scrap ‘N Stamp Blog Hop!

Easy Alcohol Ink Trees

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