Easy Brusho Landscape

I still had my Brusho Crystal Colours and brushes on my work table from yesterday’s painting. If you missed my Highland cow, you can see that post HERE. Today’s painting is much more simple; it uses only 1 colour! This easy Brusho landscape was done in just a matter of minutes. It could’ve taken a bit longer, but I was too impatient to allow drying time! This is a great exercise to play and experiment with this type of watercolour.


Brusho Crystal Colours are called that because each colour is made up of highly pigmented crystals. If you remember your basic colour theory, then you know a colour is not *just* one colour; it’s made up of other colours, combined. When you mix your primary colours (red, yellow, blue) you create secondary colours. When you combine primary and secondary colours, you create tertiary colours. Anyway – the Brusho crystals are activated by water, and the activation process displays the colours that make up that one that you applied to your paper!

This landscape is done using only Black Brusho Crystal Colours!

Easy Brusho Landscape

I love how the blues, brown and a bit of red show up from the black.


Start with a 5″ x 7″ piece of Arches cold press watercolour paper. To minimize the warping, you can wet the back of the paper, before painting. Next, wet the front of the paper, concentrating on the middle of the page. I chose to  use my 2″ flat brush.  Make sure that the paper is nice & wet! Now, sprinkle the Black Brusho across the wet middle, to create a horizon.

Tilt the paper so that the water will run from left to right, to create the horizon. Add more water with a large brush, and allow the paint to do it’s thing!  Use a paper towel or cloth to mop up any excess water. At this point, you can let your paper dry. If you’re like me, you’ll wait a couple of minutes, and then start adding your trees!

In a paint palette, sprinkle some of the Black Brusho into one of the wells, Dip a fine tip wet brush into the well, and add trees along your horizon. Get creative – draw whatever trees you want!   This is an exercise, so I added a few different kinds. Next, I added a few birds in the upper left corner – but my hand wasn’t too steady, so they look a bit sketchy!

Easy Brusho Landscape

The soft fading of the Brusho into the paper gives the illusion of a misty morning, or evening.  I didn’t want to break that illusion, so I didn’t add any colour to the sky.


As you can tell, you don’t need much in the way of supplies to create this easy Brusho landscape! Watercolour paper, a few brushes and black Brusho are all you need. Have fun experimenting!

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Easy Brusho Landscape


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    1. Thanks, Buffy! I’m so glad that you like my easy Brusho landscape. (and my ‘sketchy’ birds! LOL)

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