Fall Harvest Wagon

Happy Monday! I’m so excited, because I have another new project to share with you! I’ve spent the weekend working on this adorable Fall Harvest Wagon, complete with banner sign and pumpkins to fill the wagon. This fun & adorable wagon is a perfect addition to your fall décor.


I’ve found another terrific supplier, this time in Canada, who creates amazing wood cut projects.  Me, the artist, gets to assemble and decorate them however I like! So of course, I brought out the paints and my resin for some fabulous colours and depth. Here’s the completed Fall Harvest Wagon.

Fall Harvest Wagon

The shine from the resin is amazing!


The kit comes unassembled, ready for me to design and paint. The only parts that I left unpainted are the wood slats on the sides of the wagon. Everything else is hand painted by me. The pumpkins are initially in 2 pieces each; the flat shape, and the cut out front panel. Each pumpkin is painted, then prepped and filled with tinted resin. I chose 2 different oranges  with gold glitter for the small and medium pumpkins, and a copper mica for the large one.

The ‘fall harvest’ words on the front banner are covered with gold foil, and then attached to the orange painted banner. It hooks onto the front of the wagon, and is removable. The wagon handle is assembled, but can be removed for easier storage, when harvest season is over.

This adorable wagon measures approximately 12.5″ long, 4.5″ high and is 1.5″ deep.  The pumpkins measure between 4″ – 8″, and the banner is 2″ x 8″.  All of the pieces are laser cut wood.  Here’s another look, below.

Fall Harvest Wagon

The wheels are fixed; they don’t roll. So you don’t have to worry about your décor rolling away on you!

The pumpkins are individual, so you can arrange them however you like. Below is a photo of the pumpkins, out of the wagon.

Fall Harvest Wagon


This Fall Harvest Wagon is the first of 3 that I’m working on. The other 2 are Christmas themed; one has 3 ornaments, the other has 3 presents.  Each will have it’s own wagon.

Just like my Aurora Borealis Bear, these projects are one-of-a-kind. So if you want to claim this Fall Harvest Wagon with pumpkins as your own, before it hits my Shop, drop me an email at thistledesigns@shaw.ca   This would be the perfect addition to your fall home décor, or make a great gift! By the way – I just shipped the Aurora Borealis Bear to his new home today – he’ll be there by the end of the week!

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    1. I’m glad that you like the pumpkin Fall Harvest Wagon, Buffy! It was fun to create this piece of seasonal home décor!

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