Forest Bear with Northern Lights

You could say that I’m ‘bear-y’ excited about this project! This is another wood cut frame, but with a big difference. This Forest Bear with Northern Lights is FOUR LAYERS! That’s right – it’s 4 layers of 1/8″ board, laser cut, to which I added paint, resin and mica powders, and then assembled. Without further ado, I give you my Forest Bear!


Forest Bear with Northern Lights

In all honesty, the photos don’t do it justice. The shine from the resin makes it difficult to get a good ‘straight on’ shot – it took me several tries to not get my own reflection showing!

I really loved doing the Northern Lights on my Aurora Borealis Bear that I shared in THIS POST, so I decided to do them again. But a bit different, of course!  This bear is also different, first because the bear kit came from a different maker. Also, the very back piece is solid, whereas the Aurora Borealis Bear was a cut out.


Or should that be the ‘bear necessities’? Sorry – I’m just full of bear puns, and I’m trying hard to keep them to myself!   First, each piece is painted black, except for the very front piece. For the Northern Lights, first the wood piece is coated with resin, tinted with a combination of dark blue and black pigments. After that cured, mica powders in green, purple and red are applied to create the lights. This photo below is a closer look at the lights dancing behind the trees.

Forest Bear with Northern Lights

The trees are 2 separate layers; both are painted using alcohol inks, let dry, and then each given a clear coat of resin. The front piece is coated with resin tinted with a ‘Black Pearl’ mica powder pigment.

When all of the resin layers have cured, the layers are glued together securely with a wood glue.

In the 2 photos above, you can see the layers. Like I said – it looks even better in real life!


This Forest Bear with Northern Lights would be a fabulous décor piece in anyone’s home! It would also make a great gift for anyone who loves bears, the outdoors, or the magic of the Northern Lights. Seeing these lights in person is still on my bucket list of things I must do!

I’m in the process of adding this piece to my Shop today, so be sure to CLICK HERE to see everything available for you to purchase. As before, this is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork – so if you want it, don’t wait!  I will also take orders, if you miss out on this original one. BUT – it will take at least 3 weeks for me to get another kit, and then another week to complete it. So if you’re ordering for the Holidays, please order ASAP!  Drop me an email at to place your order.  I am currently waiting on 3 of the Aurora Borealis Bear cut outs (seen here) that should be arriving in the next couple of weeks, so you can email me to claim one of those for yourself, too (1 of the 3 is already claimed).


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