Fox in the Snow

Welcome to Wednesday! I took yesterday off, as it was my first born son’s birthday. 27 years old – how did that happen? I guess it’s true – as  you get older, time seems to pass by quicker. Especially when your own children are getting older.  We enjoyed a good family day and dinner, complete with cake.  I also had some time to work on my painting for this week’s #brushobuddies. The photo for this week is this gorgeous fox in the snow, so I couldn’t resist giving it a try!


Fox in the Snow

I found this beautiful photo on Unsplash, which is a site where photographers share their photos, royalty free, for artists to use as reference. This fox looks like he’d just stuck his nose in the snow, perhaps looking for a snack?


Of course I used my Brusho Crystal Colours to paint, as this is for the Brusho Fun group!

I used white gouache for the snow, but everything else is painted in Brusho.  The substrate is my favourite, Legion Stonehenge Aqua Cold Press paper pad. For brushes, I used my Princeton and Silver Black; 1″ flat wash, #6, #8 and #4 round, and #2 fan brush. The Brusho colours I chose are Orange, Sandstone, Yellow Ochre, Grey, Light Brown and Black.  I sometimes mixed the colours together, to get the hue I wanted.

Here’s another look at my fox in snow, this time with a black mat over the image.

Fox in the Snow

For the background, I did a very light wash in grey. Then I splattered the whole paper with white gouache, for more snow.

As always, I see lots that  I can improve on, but I hope that you enjoyed seeing my painting for today!

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    1. I’ve never seen a fox in the ‘wild’, but I’ve seen film where they do that nose dive into it, when looking for food! That’s what this photo reminded me of – I guess your dog remembers his wild ancestors, too! 🙂 So glad you liked my fox painting, Buffy – thanks for your comment 🙂

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