Free Online Sketch & Watercolour Class

Since it’s World Watercolor Month, hosted by Doodlewash, I decided that I’d get started on doing another watercolour painting! For this project, I’m following a free online ink & watercolour class by Phil Davies, on Art Tutor.  Phil Davies has done 7 of these free Sketching Architecture – Ink & Watercolour video classes, all for FREE! You can find this tutorial HERE. It includes the original inspiration photo, as well as Phil’s finished project. You can follow along with a video that shows how to sketch the image. Then, you move on to doing the watercolour.


This inspiration image makes me think of an old doorway somewhere in Europe – maybe Greece, with it’s popular blue paint. Or perhaps Italy or Croatia. All places I hope to get to, someday!

Free Online Sketch & Watercolour Class

I just love the blue door -that’s what really caught my attention. The colour is still quite vivid, even though it’s obviously not newly painted. And the bricks showing from the crumbling plaster facade really add interest. This photo is copyright free, from Pixaby, so it’s okay to use as a reference photo for your work.


The first step is to use the reference photo to create your sketch. Cut a panel of watercolour paper, and start by sketching the doorway shape, with your pencil. Then, sketch the archway surrounding it. The next step is the sketch out the foreground – as much as you want to fit into your project.  After you have your pencil sketch done, grab your black fine liner pen.  Go over your pencil sketch with your black pen or pens.  Keep in mind different thicknesses of lines, to add ‘weight’ or interest to the image.

This is my sketch, so far.

Free Online Sketch & Watercolour Class

You can see that I printed out the inspiration/reference photo, from which to work. I’ve done my pencil sketch, and have started going over it with my black pens. I use a Micron .05 black pen, as well as a black Sharpie .08 pen.  I’m using the Sharpie, as my Micron is running out of ink! *gasp*  Still to be done with the pen work is the dark window areas, and adding in the mesh covering the windows. Next, I’ll add more of the shadows & textures at the bottom of the door.


Once I’m happy with my sketch, I’ll be following along with the video to add my watercolour paints! I’m really excited about working on this image. Hopefully it’ll be good enough to keep. If not – it’s good practice, isn’t it? I’ll be checking out my paint colours, to make sure that I have what I need. If not, the good news is I’ll have an excuse to visit my local art supply store!


Remember last week, I posted about  how you could win this gorgeous art pouch from me – for FREE!? 

Free Online Sketch & Watercolour Class

World Watercolour Month runs right until July 31st. You could WIN this art pouch from me – all you have to do is these 3 easy things.

First, create a watercolour project, using any type of watercolours paints you like, on any substrate. So you could be painting on watercolour paper, on Yupo, or a canvas.

Second, take a picture of your watercolour project!

Third, send me a photo of your project to ! Be sure that I can email you back at the email you’re using to send me the photo. I’d love to share pictures of the submissions, so please let me know in your email if I have  your consent to do that. I’ll be only posting them here on my blog, and will identify the artist by first name only.

Provide some details about your project, if you like. And I’d love to hear about how & when you started watercolouring. Maybe what are your favourite subjects to paint? Whatever info you’d like to share is great!  On August 1st, I’ll randomly select 1 project from all those received, and declare a winner!  If you’d like to share your submission on your social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) please use the hashtag #thistledesignschallenge so I can find them!


Whether you follow a tutorial, or create an original, I’m looking forward to seeing what you create! Phil Davies of Art Tutor has a total of 7 of these free online sketch & watercolour classes HERE. These ones are architecture based. Or I’m sure  you can find a lot of YouTube videos from other artists, who encourage learning from them.  Just have fun, and enjoy the process!

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  1. Deb, you are so creative! Geez, and that’s that you are injured right now! Girl, you are a force to be reckoned with! You rock 🎸🎸🎸🎸 star! I wish I could participate in your contest/giveaway, but I don’t have a way to photograph anything. I am loving following Doodlewash, though! 😇 Hope you are on the mend!

    1. Well, that’s just the sketch for now, Mari. Hopefully my painting will turn out well! Fingers crossed 🙂

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