Frustrating Project Setback

Hello my crafting friend! I hope that your week is going well – at least, better than mine! I’ve suffered a frustrating project setback, that I’ll tell you about. You  may recall that just over a week ago, I was very excited to share a work in progress with you. It was in THIS POST, and I shared some alcohol ink backgrounds I had made. Here’s one picture, below.


Alcohol Ink Projects in the Works

I had created these panels on Yupo, with alcohol inks and metallic inks, to use in a fun project.


Well, the project that I was so excited about is making earrings & jewelry from alcohol ink bases! I ordered special dies from Taylored Expressions, and resin for the coating. First, I created the bases. Next, I sprayed with 4 layers of Kamar sealer, and then 3 layers of UV Protector spray.  Then, I die cut all of the individual pieces of the the earring sets.  After that, I laid each piece onto special silicone mats I ordered from Amazon, and painstakingly applied the resin to each piece.  Here are pictures of the 2 mats, with the earring pieces laid out  with resin on top.

Frustrating Project Setback

Frustrating Project Setback

Don’t they look amazing?! I am so thrilled with the colours, and the shapes – everything!


Well, it’s been 3 days since I applied the resin – and it hasn’t cured. That means that every single piece is a sticky mess *sad face*.  I should be able to touch each piece, with the resin being firm to the touch. I realize that a full, rock-hard cure time is about 3 weeks, but this just ain’t happening.

I’m so sad that every piece is going to have to be trashed! There is absolutely no point in trying to scrape off the uncured resin, and trying to reapply a new coat. It would take so long, and be so messy – I just can’t go there. So, I’ll have to start from scratch, and remake my bases, seal, protect, die cut all over again. And use a different resin!


Well, if there’s any upside to this, it’s that I didn’t resin the necklace pieces I’ve already sealed & UV protected! Also, if you’d like to order a custom pair of earrings or necklace, now would be the time!  After I have some done, I will be sharing them, and will have them for sale on my site, here.  And, I now do have some of the new alcohol ink colours and all of the new Alloy inks – so that’s more to play with!

Thanks for hanging in with me on this! It has been a frustrating project setback, but I’m determined to forge ahead! I  hope that you’ll stick with me, and I’ll share when I have some of my new jewelry line completed. In the meantime, check back tomorrow, as I have a different work in progress to share with you!


I’ve used a lot of different colours, so I’m only going to link to a few in my supply list. By clicking on the links, you can then search for any specific, or look at all of the colours available.

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