Fun With Bubbles

It’s impossible not to have fun with bubbles! Do you remember being a kid, and the first time you saw that amazing, sparkling, floating globe? Of course, the fun then was to chase them down & pop them! Now, as a big kid  – er, adult – we can have more fun with bubbles by creating them – on paper!


Okay, we all have our own idea of how to have fun. But here, it’s specifically about the  topic of fun with bubbles! First, select a number of round objects, such as old drink glasses, in various sizes.

Now, create a background of alcohol inks on Yupo. Use whatever colours you fancy – just pour them on, add some alcohol blending solution, and let ’em run!  While the ink is still quite wet, place your glasses down on top of the wet ink, where you want your bubbles to be. To speed up the drying process, use either a hair dryer or heat tool on a warm/cool setting. First, dry the ink around the glasses. Next, one at a time, lift up the edge of the glass, and blow the air underneath, to help dry the ink under the glass.  Repeat this step for all of the glasses. Now, go back again, and remove each glass one at a time,  making sure that the ink is dry enough so it won’t spread.

If you don’t want to do this step, you can simply move onto the next step, which is creating the bubbles on top of your panel.

I’m sorry, but I guess  I forgot to write down the colours I used *sad face*. Obviously, this first one is in blues & greens.

Fun With Bubbles


Once your panel is dry, use the same drink glasses, and place them over where you created the lighter area. Trace around each glass, with a white Posca paint pen.  You can use a white gel pen, but I find that the gel doesn’t stay as bright white as the paint pen.

Now, add the reflection lights to each of the bubbles, as you can see in the photo above. You can create the ‘glare’ reflection by creating little ‘starbursts’ of white lines near the edge of the bubble.

Below is a second panel I did – because I was having so much fun!

Fun With Bubbles

Again – I don’t remember what colours I used! It’s obviously a combination of pinks, purples, and some yellow.


For each panel, I use Yupo as my substrate. The inks are all Ranger alcohol inks, and the white is the Posca fine tip paint pen.  While you’re self-isolating, this is a super fun project to try! Use whatever colours you have on hand, and have fun with bubbles!

I’ve used a lot of different colours, so I’m only going to link to a few in my supply list. By clicking on the links, you can then search for any specific, or look at all of the colours available.

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    1. I’m glad that you like my bubbles, Susan! It’s a 5″ x 7″ panel, so I’ll probably trim it down, or fit it into a smaller frame 🙂 They’re a lot of fun to make !

    1. Thanks so much, Kia! I’m glad that you enjoyed my bubbles 🙂 They’re fun to make, too!

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