Fun with Water Effects

If there’s ever a good time to play with water, it’s summer time! I’ve just completed a new project, and have had such fun with water effects. This new Seahorse is swimming through loads of texture, created with resin, plastic wrap, acrylic bubbles and of course ocean colours.


This piece took almost a week to finish, as it was done in so many layers.  There are 3 layers of resin just on the wood cradle board, not counting the layers on the seahorse itself.

Fun with Water Effects

First, I started with priming the 6″ x 12″ wood cradle board with acrylic paint in a light brown colour, to mimic sand. When that was dry, I then mixed a turquoise alcohol ink into clear resin, and spread a thin layer over the whole board.

To create the effect of the water moving, I place a large piece of plastic wrap over the wet resin, and then pull it into shapes to resemble the water lines.  This is then left to cure for 24 hours, before removing the plastic wrap.  Once the plastic wrap was removed, I then added a layer of resin tinted with a darker turquoise alcohol ink and a bit of turquoise mica powder. After that was cured, I then added some small areas of dark blue, and a layer of clear resin. The seashells were then added to the wet resin, along with the acrylic bubbles of many different sizes. I just love the overall effect!


From the side angle, you can see that the seahorse is attached to the clear resin on top. There is so much texture and dimension in this piece, I just love it.

The shine and wet look of the resin, combined with the real seashells, bubbles and texture give it a look that makes you think it could, in fact, be wet!


Just because I love it, here’s another look, from the other side!

I’ve taken the photos on a white background, to show off the beautiful colours. To finish off this piece, I made my own colour by mixing 2 acrylic paints, to give the same blue/turquoise effect on the sides of the panel, as in the colours of the resin.

The finished piece includes hanging mechanism on the back, so it’s all ready to  hang in a place of honour in your home!


I’ll be listing this piece first in my online Shop HERE, and then adding it to the online Gallery at Pacific Arts Market at the end of the month. So if you love this Seahorse as much as I do – grab it quick!  Enjoy browsing through everything available in my Shop, as well. You just may find that perfect gift for someone else!

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