Grizzly Blue by Lynn Shield

Wow – can you believe that not only is it another new week, but another new month!? Honestly, I don’t know whether time is crawling or flying, half the time. I just keep on keepin’ on, and the suddenly look at the calendar and bam! Time has passed. At least I’m keeping busy! I hope that you’re getting in some creative time, too. In our Brusho Fun Facebook group, one of the talented artists shared that she had put a new free tutorial on the Fine Art Café Academy site. It’s called Grizzly Blue by Lynn Shield, and I just had to try it! Her work is so amazing, I do hope that you’ll take a look.


You’ll see that the reason for the name is obvious! This is one of those wonderful ‘rainbow’ paintings, with fun colours.

Grizzly Blue by Lynn Shield

I didn’t take my time with this one, and I’m afraid that it shows.  I was in the middle of doing other things – last week was our Spring Fling Art Show & Sale at The Fine Art Café – so I rushed it.


In her video tutorial, Lynn did her painting on a prepared canvas. I didn’t have one, so I used an 8″ x 10″ piece of Arches cold press watercolour paper. After drawing the outline, go over areas of the bear where you want highlights, or the fur to ‘stand out’, with masking fluid. Once that is completely dry, you start painting.

The Brusho colours Lynn used are Light Brown, Turquoise and Gamboge. The only one I didn’t have was the Light Brown. I tried to lighten the Dark Brown I have, but wasn’t too happy with it. So, I mixed in some Grey with it, and used that.  For the really dark areas, mix some full strength Turquoise with the Gray; that gives you a lovely dark colour, that isn’t black. Once I had done my first layer, I left the painting over night, and then came back the next day to remove the masking fluid, add more layers, and touch up.

Here’s another photo, with a mat over the painting. It actually needs a smaller mat, as the top of the head is supposed to ‘fade out’.

Grizzly Blue by Lynn Shield

I know what I want to work on when I repaint it, like fading out the top of the bear’s head, as well as the colours.


If you like to watercolour, you should visit The Fine Art Café Academy! There are a lot of free video tutorials; all you  have to do is make a free account for yourself.  If you need some supplies, I’ve added links below.

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