Happy Mail Arrivals!

When you have online orders delivered, what do you call it? I call it happy mail arrivals! And I’ve had a few in just the past few days – and my husband hasn’t raised an eyebrow! I think he knows it means I’ll be happy, and busy – and take out meal will be happening.   The first order that arrived was from Joggles. It was took the 2nd longest to arrive, since I’m in Canada, & they’re in the U.S.

My Joggles Happy Mail

When I opened the envelope, it felt like Christmas – right down to the wrapping! Look at this photo – I had to share, so you’d believe me!

Happy Mail Arrivals!

See? Just like Christmas – or my birthday! Wanna see what I had ordered? Okay!

Happy Mail Arrivals!

I had ordered a new #8 round Princeton watercolour brush, plus the Grafix Craft Plastic in Black! I also order 3 of the new Marabu alcohol inks; White, Blue-Green-Gold Glitter colour shift, and Violet-Blue-Green Glitter colour shift. These are the new ones that I had posted about in THIS POST here. In that post, the video done by Joggles showing all of the new inks is also there. Of course, as soon as I get to play with them, I’ll share a post of my own!


This order actually took the longest – I’ve been so excited to get it!

Happy Mail Arrivals!

It’s the Art Pouch for my #worldwatercolormonth Giveaway, plus the Art Pouch I had ordered for myself!  I LOVE hummingbirds (I watch the feeder outside the window next to my computer all the time), so I ordered the larger one for myself. The smaller one, with the hummingbird & flower, is the Giveaway pouch.  For the details on how YOU can WIN THIS POUCH from me, read THIS POST!


My local Opus art supply store is now carrying some Daniel Smith Half Pans, and had a sale on them for promotion. Of course, I just HAD to order some! Besides, I was almost out of my Yupo, so I included that in my order, too.

Happy Mail Arrivals!

I love having a quality art store that I can visit, and spend time wandering around & browsing. However, with the COVID 19, spending too much time is not a good idea, even though hand sanitizer is provided, and I do wear my mask. So, I ordered online, and picked it up! So at least I got to visit, and say ‘hi’ to the wonderful staff 🙂  I’ll be using the Gel Gloss to attach some of my Yupo work to different bases. The new Daniel Smith colours I picked up are (left to right) Wisteria, Serpentine Genuine (PrimaTek), and Alizarin Crimson.  Wisteria is just what it says, and I don’t have a light purple in my current collection. The PrimaTek Serpentine Genuine is a gorgeous green, granulating with specks of burnt scarlet.  Daniel Smith’s PrimaTek line uses actual pigments, mined from the earth. Alizarin Crimson is just what my collection needs; a deep, crimson red with blue undertones.  If you’d like to find out more about the Daniel Smith paints, I highly recommend checking out their website HERE.  Get ready to geek out – you’ll be amazed at how paints are made!

Here’s a look at the 3 colours, as shown on the Daniel Smith site.

Happy Mail Arrivals!


I’m looking forward to getting creative! What plans to you have for the weekend? I hope that they involve some watercolour painting! We’re over half way through the month, and I haven’t had anyone submit a project, to enter the contest! This is not meant to be a test of how ‘good’ you are, my friend! C’mon, I’ve shared some less than wonderful work of my own – it’s your turn!  And, I won’t share it, unless you specifically give me permission to do so. Only first names and a last initial will be used.

If you’re looking to do some retail therapy of your own, so you too have happy mail arrivals – click out the ‘Where I Shop’ button in the top menu bar, or HERE. And don’t forget my OWN shop – HERE – if you’re looking for ready-made gifts or cards. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hola, Deb! You know, I don’t consistently receive your blog posts so when I received one from you and read Happy Mail Arrived, I thought you had received my card. Wonk, wonk. 😊 Anyway, I hope you are feeling better now. Have a great weekend!

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