Have You Ever

Have you ever done a painting, and thought it was the worst? Then, you look at again a couple of hours later, and think ‘maybe it’s not so bad’. So then you take a photo of the painting, to have a different look at it. Yes, it’s entirely possible to hate a piece of work in one perspective, but like it in another!


I followed along with another tutorial from Watercolour Wildlife, the online tutorial site I joined recently. I doubted the choice of colour – Yellow Ochre for sheep? But went ahead with it anyway. After all, I’m the student, the teacher is the professional, who gets paid for his paintings!

Well, I certainly bungled in a few areas, and I still don’t like the colour. But I like this painting better when I look at it from afar, or in a photo, than when I look at it up close!

Have You Ever

The sheep on the far left is looking straight ahead; the butt you see behind it belongs to the sheep to it’s right; it’s standing sideways. No, I didn’t get the perspective right on that one! I think that the sheep I’m happiest with is the one on the far right. Her face shape looks good, and I’m pretty happy with the shadows.

Well, this is why I’m taking the tutorials, right? To learn!! This one will definitely go in the ‘do over’ pile.


There’s currently an issue with accessing the panda tutorial, so I thought that I would do a comparison painting. So, I’ve painted one by myself, no tutorial (I did use the same image source). Once the tutorial is back on-line, I’ll follow it, and see how much difference there is. I am trying to stay in the style of the tutorials, while incorporating some of my own style.

I think that following the tutorial will make a big improvement! It’s difficult to paint ‘white’ animals, you know? I’d also like to do a more colourful version of the panda; introduce some blues along with the Payne’s Gray. (nope, no black paint used at all!).


I hope that you’ll keep creating, and enjoy the process. Before you throw out that piece you don’t think is ‘perfect’, walk away from it. Then come back, and look at it again, with fresh eyes and a new perspective!

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