Hello from Glasgow, Scotland, stamping friends!  This is the start of just over 2 weeks away from home, which is usually in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We just arrived in Glasgow this morning, after an all-day trip; 3 different planes, and 2 layovers later, we made it! 🙂  There’s an 8 hour time difference for us to accustom ourselves to- but we’ll get through it!


Why not?! LOL!  Actually, there is a reason.  My youngest son will be starting Edinburgh College towards the end of the month, so we’ve flown in earlier so that we can do some sightseeing and visit family, as well as get him set up in his accommodation.

Yes, I did notice I said ‘Edinburgh College’, not Glasgow College!  The month-long Fringe Festival, and 3 week Tattoo is going on in Edinburgh, so you can image how busy it is there! We’ll be staying here in Glasgow until Friday, the 18th, then moving over to Edinburgh.  It’s just over 1 hour drive between the 2 cities.

I highly recommend visiting Scotland at any time, if it’s possible.  The people are friendly, the scenery is gorgeous, and the history is amazing! THIS SITE is a good one for learning some more about Glasgow – of course, my future posts will be, too!

Having experienced travel with suitcases on British trains last year (oh, the agony! and thank goodness for the kindness of strangers to a small women with a large suitcase!), we’re pampering ourselves, and have hired a car (and driver!) for the trip 🙂

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to exploring Glasgow and the surrounding areas.  My best friend was born in Glasgow, and my parents were born and lived in the Lanarkshire area (Wishaw and Motherwell).  It’s also my first time visiting here, as well as my son’s, of course.  I have been to Edinburgh, but that was a lifetime ago – before we came here to B.C.!


As I will only have my iPad and iPhone with me, I’m hoping I’ll be able to post pictures here – I haven’t tried it yet! (I’m a desktop kinda gal!)  If not, be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW my Business Facebook page HERE.

I also pre-scheduled some posts before I left home, so be sure to check in and see them.  They’ll include the Paper Craft Crew weekly challenges, as well as some new product posts!


My online store is still OPEN 24/7!  You can shop online any time, and your order will be shipped directly to you.  PLUS – as a ‘thank you’ for continuing to shop with me during my absence, orders of $25 or more (before tax/shipping) using HOST CODE NPSAM4BS will receive a ‘thank you’ gift from me in September – something NEW from the Holiday Catalogue!!

Hello From Glasgow, Scotland!





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