Hello friend! I’m here on a Saturday to share what I think is a very important post. Our friends at Hero Arts, like many of us around the world, want to support the people of Ukraine during this awful war that has been inflicted on them. To that end, I hope that you will check out, and support, the Hero Arts Support Ukraine Fundraiser. They have put together a group of their products, plus a special Digital stamp file.


Hero Arts has put together a selection of products from their line, that they feel symbolize Ukraine. The blue and yellow of the Ukraine flag symbolize the beauty and calm of the skies above and the joy and prosperity of wheat fields throughout the country. The national flower, the sunflower, symbolizes motherhood.

When you purchase any (or all) of the products in the Support Ukraine line, Hero Arts will donate 100% of their net profits to the Ukrainian Red Cross for immediate, on the ground support.


Along with the existing products shown above, Hero Arts has also created a Digital Stamp, called Giving Sunflower.

Hero Arts Support Ukraine Fundraiser

When you purchase the Giving Sunflower Digital Stamp, the digital stamp set will be emailed to you as a printable PDF document. There will be two sets of the images and messages when you print it out on your printer.


I also will be sending 100% of the purchase price of my Sunflower to the Red Cross (not just the net proceeds, but the full $60 purchase price). This beautiful 11″ resin in wood frame sunflower makes a beautiful art piece for any home, and you’ll be supporting the people of Ukraine as well.

Beautiful Sunflower

You can purchase this sunflower in my online Shop HERE.


As an affiliate with Hero Arts, if you use my links to purchase any of the Support Ukraine Collection, and/or the Giving Sunflower Digital Stamp, I receive a small commission. I will donate any commission I receive from your purchase of these items to the Ukraine Red Cross, as well.  I’m determined to make this a complete donation for Ukraine, on my behalf.

Thank you for supporting Ukraine! Links are below for placing your orders.

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