Christmas Candles

I thought I’d share one more tutorial that I’ve completed from the 12 Days of Winter Blast from the Brusho Fun group. This tutorial was presented by the talented Jodi Epp, of some holiday candles in Brusho Crystal Colours.


As with yesterday’s post that I shared, this painting is done on watercolour paper with Brusho for painting. If you missed yesterday’s Christmas tree post, you can see it HERE.  That post explains what Brusho is, and how it’s used. Here is my finished painting of the holiday candles.

Holiday Candles


First, I lightly traced the outline that Jodi provided for us. A regular pencil and graphite paper is all that’s needed to do that. Next, apply masking fluid over the candles, flames, ribbon and poinsettia. Place a piece of paper across the bottom third of the watercolour paper, to mask it off. Once the masking fluid is dry, sprinkle Prussian Blue, Turquoise and Purple Brusho onto the top two thirds of the background. Spritz with water, and blend the colours.

Next use the Brusho from a palette, sprinkling the crystals into the wells, and adding a bit of water. With a damp paint brush, paint the wood candle holders first, then the candle flames & glow. Next paint the poinsettia and the ribbon. Finally, the foreground is painted. The Brusho colours I used Light Brown, Gamboge, Lemon, Leaf Green, Purple, Brilliant Red, and Scarlet.


If you enjoy regular watercolour painting, you’ll probably enjoy painting with the Brusho, as well. It’s a bit more ‘free form’ when you sprinkle the crystals directly onto the paper, but that’s the fun! If you’re interested in learning more & sharing, you can request to join the Brusho Fun Facebook Group HERE. There are also lots of free and paid lesson at The Fine Art Café Academy HERE.  To view the free tutorials, you just have to create a free account (with no obligations).


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Holiday Candles

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