Well, we had  our first snowfall over the weekend! So I’m definitely feeling in the ‘winter’ mood, if not necessarily the ‘holiday’ mood. I have some holiday ornaments to share with you today. This is just 2 styles of many that I’m working on.


What colour theme do you have for your tree? Or are you like some people I know, and have more than 1 tree? Really, 1 is all I can handle; I’m usually the only person in my house who wants to do any kind of decorating! So, doing it all by myself gets rather tiring. Plus, we don’t have room for more than 1 tree!

These first ornaments are a gorgeous deep red & white, with a beautiful sparkle across the middle.

Each ornament is 2.5″ round, with a small gold & white bow attached at the top. Each also has a gold hanging cord, attached. The ornaments are made with tinted resin; the gold holographic glitter is painted on by hand, and then a clear coat of resin applied to protect it.


If your tree has a ‘cool’ colour scheme, then perhaps you’ll like these silver ornaments instead!

Holiday Ornaments

The top of the ornament is a silver glitter mixed in clear resin, with the bottom portion of the ornament being a silver/grey mica powder. The 2 are gently swirled together for a soft, glimmering shine!

These are the same 2.5″ round, with a silver bow attached, and a silver hanging cord included.

Here’s another look, at both colours.

So, which is your favourite? It comes down to personal choice, of course, and if you already have an established colour scheme for your tree.


If you’re looking for some more, and different ornaments for your holiday tree, or gift giving – stay tuned! I’ve got more in the works with different colours, some images & some fun ones. I’ll be sharing them this week, as they are completed.

These and the other holiday ornaments I’m working on will be listed in my Shop by the end of this week. If you’d like to request something special, please drop me an email at thistledesigns@shaw.ca

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I've always liked to create things, but I'm not a great artist, or sculptor, or any type of 'traditional' artist - but I love to create! I love the satisfaction of a completed project. Whether a card, painting or other project - as long as it can create a smile, evoke a feeling, or some type of reaction in the recipient. I hope you will enjoy sharing my creations, and occasional ramblings; I'd enjoy having you create with me! :)

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