Hummingbird Pattern

I’m so happy with how this latest project turned out! As soon as I saw this hummingbird pattern template, I knew I had to have it. I got to work on it right away, with a different style of background. In the past, I’ve used canvas, cradled board, brushed aluminum and clear acrylic for these 3D printed templates. For this hummingbird pattern, I used a white acrylic sheet!


We are lucky enough to have hummingbirds year ’round here; both Rufous and Anna’s hummingbirds. Of course, I have a feeder right outside my kitchen window – near my computer – so I can watch them! For the colours on this hummingbird, I did take a bit of ‘artistic license’. I sort of combined the colours of both the Rufous & Anna’s, to create my own.

Hummingbird Pattern

I know that the typical image of a hummingbird with flowers depicts the flowers as red. But hummingbirds are attracted to blue, purple, pink – lots of different colours! So I decided to use a deep violet, and 2 shades of green for the leaves. The other colours are a deep red, copper, bronze and blush around the hummingbird. For the bird itself, I used all glitter mixed in with the resin; deep red, blue, green and an opal for the wings. Usually the wings are fluttering so fast that you can really see the colour – so the opal depicts the ‘blur’ of the wing movement.


The above photo is taken with a white background. Below, I put a blue background behind the piece, so that you can see clearly that the white is the acrylic panel.

I really do love how this turned out! The pictures don’t really do the colours justice.


I’ll be bringing this Hummingbird piece (and maybe a 2nd one, if I have time) to the Art in the City 2023 Show, May 5th through 7th. If you live in or near Vancouver, I’d love if it you stopped in! In the meantime, be sure to check out my Shop HERE for what’s currently in stock.

Thanks for visiting with me today! Leave a comment, and let me know what you think of this hummingbird pattern.

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