Van Gogh Exhibit

Happy Monday, my friend! I hope that you had a great weekend. We are enjoying a wonderful stretch of almost summer-like temperatures that started early last week, and are expected to last through this week. On Friday, you may recall that I took the day off to go out to an event, the first in a year! It was the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit, here in Vancouver. If you missed it, you can see Friday’s post HERE.


Well, the day was wonderful! We were remarking on how it almost felt like ‘old times’; you know, the days when you just went out & enjoyed a carefree day. Except of course, we were masked, socially distanced and very aware of everyone around us.  I did admit to feeling guilty, as we had lunch at a restaurant patio. The infection numbers in our province are high right now, but we were being very careful. Anyway, it was a very enjoyable day!

The exhibit was lovely; the images of Van Gogh’s art are projected onto wall sized screens, and set to classical music, so the images change with the music. Photography was allowed, so I took a lot of pictures! Here are a few.


I was eagerly awaiting to see the Irises painting; you may remember that I did an alcohol ink painting of a portion of this painting. You can see it in THIS POST.

Van Gogh Exhibit

It was amazing to see these paintings so large, without distortion! It was like being *in* the painting, next to the brushstrokes. My only complaint about when they showed this painting was that it changed to another, too quickly!


Of course, everyone is familiar with Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting! I’m happy to say that this one stayed up longer, and I was able to get a few shots (but I’ll just share one here).

Van Gogh Exhibit

The colour saturation was gorgeous!! You can see in the photo above, that even the floor had part of the painting projected onto it. Also, you can see that just about everyone was taking photos! This is just part of the large room. Because the exhibit is inside the Vancouver Convention Centre, the walls/screens they projected onto are incredibly high – probably 14-16 feet, at least.

I don’t know the name of this next painting; it’s a lovely pastoral scene.

If you’d like to read more information about the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit, and where it’ll be traveling to next, CLICK HERE for the website. It’s here in Vancouver until August 29th, so you still have time, if you live here, to see it!


Right now, traveling into & out of Vancouver is not recommended, unless it’s unavoidable for business or medical reasons. So please don’t travel if you don’t have to. If you’d like to see our beautiful downtown area where the Van Gogh Exhibit is being  held, here’s a couple of pictures for you!

Van Gogh Exhibit

This photo is part of one side of the Trade & Convention Centre. See that massive blue raindrop, at the point?! Yes, we do get a lot of rain, here on the coast. But that’s part of what makes this area so beautiful and lush! Looking out, you can see over to the North Shore mountains, in North Vancouver.

Van Gogh Exhibit

This photo above shows part of Canada Place, with the ‘sails’. On the other side of this is where the cruise ships dock – when they usually dock, but not this past year!

I hope that you enjoyed hanging out with me virtually, seeing the Imagine Van Gogh Exhibit and part of our beautiful city. Have a wonderful day, and a creative week!


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