In Case You Missed It

Happy Hallowe’en!  It’s that time of year that most people either love, or hate. I used to love it when my boys were little; they’d get so excited for their costumes, and going trick-or-treating around the neighbourhoods. Now, we don’t have any small or even ‘young’ children in the neighbourhood – we’ve given  up decorating & giving out candy, as no one comes! To be fair, we do live on a small crescent, and I get it that the kids want to hit up as many houses as they can – on bigger streets & roads.  So now, we can buy the candy and eat it ourselves! Okay – yes, we used to do that too, but then I’d have to go buy more! Anyway, if you’ve been getting ready for Hallowe’en, or otherwise have a life, you may have been busy this weekend. So, in case you missed it, here’s the newest Ranger/Tim Holtz Distress Ink colour!


In Case You Missed It

So, in case you’re thinking ‘do we need another red?’, here’s where Lumberjack Plaid fits in, in the Ranger colour wheel.

In the photo above (a screen grab taken from Tim’s live presentation video), you can see the Distress Ink on the left, and Distress Oxide Ink on the right. Lumberjack Plaid fits pretty much in the middle, between Festive Berries and Fired Brick.


Of course, no one explains & demonstrates the best uses of his products than the man himself, Tim Holtz. Here’s his presentation video, below. Grab a cuppa – it’s not a short video!

If you’d like to jump to some key point, the colour comparisons start around the 9:28 mark. Some amazing samples made by the ‘makers’ start at 33:22 – this will give you lots of ideas for creating, and other colours that work well with Lumberjack Plaid, that you may not expect!  For a fun & funny surprise – skip to 1:24 – and get ready for a laugh!


Of course, this is what you really want to know – how to get your hands on this fabulous new Lumberjack Plaid! Well not to worry, I’ve got a list of links for you here. Just click any of the links below, and start shopping!


Scrap ‘N Stamp



So there you are – in case you missed it, you’re now up to date! Enjoy picking up your stash of Lumberjack Plaid – I think it’s a great new colour, just in time for those holiday creations. Anyone else humming Monty Python’s “I’m A Lumberjack (and I’m Okay)”?  Just me? All right – carry on!


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