Introducing Ruby Slippers

You will definitely agree that there’s no place like home, when you add Ruby Slippers to your home décor collection! I’m so excited to show off this first suite of products in my Glitz & Glamour Collection.  There are several items in this suite; they work perfectly together of course, but they also stand alone beautifully. There will be a lot of pictures in this post!


Without further ado, here it is – the Ruby Slippers suite!

Introducing Ruby Slippers

I absolutely love the luxe look of the deep red with the gold glitter, and gold edges on the coasters.  This whole suite is comprised of the 4 Geode Slice Coasters, 4 Napkin Rings, 2 Pillar shaped candle holders, 2 Lotus shaped candle holders and a Wine Bottle Stopper.  Have a look below, at the individual items in this suite.


This beautiful 4 piece geode slice coaster set is almost too pretty to cover with a drink! Each side of each coaster is edged in gold acrylic paint, tying in the gold burst in the middle.

This set is constructed in layers, starting with the layer of Ruby Slippers colour, then the gold burst hand painted on piece. Finally, a layer of clear resin coats the top, and then the edges painted.


You can choose from 2 styles of candle holders, or use both! To keep the holders in pristine condition, I recommend using battery operated tea lights, as shown in the photos.

Introducing Ruby Slippers

Kick off your shoes, pour a glass of wine (or you favourite beverage) and light the candles!  In the  photo above, you can see one each of the Pillar and Lotus Flower candle holders, as well as the coordinating Wine Bottle Stopper. Below are photos of the candle holder pairs.

Both the ruby colour and gold are included in both sets. The top of the lotus flowers are gold, with the bottom half being red.


Of course, if you’re going to be setting your table, you’ll want some beautiful coordinating napkin rings to go with your candle holders. This set of 4 are a chic square shape with the round hold, for holding your napkins.

Introducing Ruby Slippers


You can purchase each piece of the Ruby Slippers suite separately, so you can add to your décor as you like. If you would like additional pieces, for example more coasters or napkin rings, just add a note to your order, or email me at  I’m happy to accommodate special orders! 

You can purchase this beautiful Ruby Slippers suite at my online Shop HERE, and at my Gallery HERE in The Fine Art Café Gallery. I’ll have everything listed by the end of the day, today.  Each new suite in the Glitz & Glamour Collection will be listed separately, over the next week.


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