It’s not an actual lightening strike in progress, but a painting that I’m working on! I found a tutorial that looked pretty easy to follow, so I decided to pull out my Brusho Crystal Colours and watercolour paper. The focus is of course on this amazing looking lightening strike. You can see the reference photo HERE. The fabulous purple, dark blue and black sky is such a dramatic backdrop to the bright, forked lightening.


I started with an 9″ x 12″ full sheet of watercolour paper. I decided to go big on this one! I traced over the main branches of lightening onto the paper. Next, I used a masking fluid pen to trace over them, and add the city scape at the bottom. The city is going to be mainly dark, with some highlights, so I’m not worried about detail.

Next, I got my palette ready with 4 colours of Brusho. The colours are Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Purple and Black.  To do the wet-in-wet technique, first apply clean water over the entire sheet with a wide, flat brush. Then, pick up the first colour with a wet brush, and start painting.  I started with the darkest blue (Ultramarine) and mixed in some black for the darkest areas. Next is the Purple, then Prussian Blue.

Lightening Strike in Progress

You can see in the photo above that the masked lines for the lightening have stayed white.  The painting is also still very wet, so I  haven’t removed the masking fluid yet.  Once it’s dry, I’ll remove the masking fluid, and then add in the finer lines of lightening, with a white gel pen, or Posca paint pen. Small bits of colour will also be added to the city scape at the bottom.


I’m pretty happy with how the colours have turned out, and the areas where the clouds have parted. Hopefully I’ll have it finished tomorrow, once it’s completely dry. Of course I’ll show it to you, once it’s done. If you’d like to see the video tutorial I watched, CLICK HERE to watch it on Youtube.

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