Happy Monday, my friend! Here where I live, it’s our  provincial holiday, B.C. Day (British Columbia Day). But I’m keeping busy, with lots of work in progress. I’m super excited for this coming Friday, when we’ll be sharing our Scrap ‘N Stamp blog hop! It’s going to be all about interactive or fun fold cards, and I’m trying out a new (to me) fold. But that’s on Friday; today I’m sharing a watercolour painting that I’m currently working on.


Parrot, or Macaw? I wasn’t quite sure, so I did some research! Apparently, all macaws are parrots, but not all parrots are macaws. All macaws can be distinguished from other kinds of parrots by the patch of bare skin that covers the face and usually reaches the base of the beak (some macaws have narrow lines of feathers crossing or interrupting this patch), and by their distinctive, long, graduated tails. There is evidence that macaw facial feathers are as unique as a human fingerprint. So based on that fact, I believe that my painting is of a macaw!  I’m using a photo taken by Deborah Coker, shared in an online FB group. The wonderful photographers in this group kindly share their photos royalty free, for artists to use as reference.

Here is the photo taken by Deborah Coker.

Lots of Work in Progress

Isn’t that an amazing photo?!  I hope that I can do it justice, with my painting.


Here is my work in progress! You can see that I’ve sketched the outline on my 9″x 12″ watercolour paper, and have started adding some colour.

Lots of Work in Progress

It may not look like much yet, but it has to start somewhere! And yes – all paintings go through an ‘ugly’ phase, when all you’ve got is your base colour down, and need to add the shadowing, highlights and textures.

Can you notice something different in my painting? I decided  to add some 3D to my painting, by first adding some texture paste in the facial area, after finishing the sketch.  As you can see in the reference photo, the skin on the macaw’s face is quite lined and wrinkly. I decided to try to add that by using the texture paste.


You may recall from my postings in the last weeks, that I’m helping my parents with selling their house, downsizing and moving. Well, that’s still very much one of my ‘works in progress’! In fact, as you’re reading this, I’m probably over at their house! They’ve had literally dozen of potential buyers through their house in the last week, and today the realtor is presenting offers that have been made.  The real estate market is just crazy here – everyone looking to buy, and not enough houses.  So, I’ll keep you updated on that, as well.

Whatever work in progress you’ve got going, I hope you’re having fun! I’ll be back soon with my completed macaw, and more.

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3 thoughts on “Lots of Work in Progress

  1. Nice work going on there! The texture paste is perfect! Our RE market is crazy, too. People are offering way over list price, and they usually sell is a day or two. Crazy!

    1. Thanks, Buffy! I’m glad you like the start to my Macaw painting. The good news is my parent’s house has sold – and over asking, as you said!

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