Low Tech/No Tech Alcohol Ink Fun!

Happy Friday, my friend! I hope your week has been a good one. As is my wont when wasting – er, killing – time, I was watching some videos on YouTube recently. Actually, I could say I was doing research, because I was watching technique videos! Anyway, I found one that shared a really fun way to create flowers. That’s my card today – a low tech/no tech alcohol ink fun card!


You’re going to be surprised when you see how easy this is to make!

Low Tech/No Tech Alcohol Ink Fun!

Aren’t these pretty?! They remind me of hollyhocks, or gladiola flowers. And you can use whatever colours you have on hand to create them.


Okay, to start with, you’ll need a few basic supplies. First – a smooth, non porous substrate for creating. I use Yupo for cards; it’s easily accessible to get and great to use. Next, some alcohol inks. Greens for the grass, stems & leaves. Then whatever colours you fancy for your flowers. You’ll need an alcohol ink applicator for the grass. You can use the handle of your regular ink applicator, but be sure to use the alcohol ink pad – not the regular pad – that you attach to the applicator. There’s a big difference – the one for alcohol ink is like a felt pad, to absorb the inks. That’s it for the ‘low tech’ part of the project. The next thing you need are some cotton swabs. Yes – like Q-Tips, but they don’t even have to be the ‘brand name’ kind!

Bundle 5 cotton swabs in your hand, and use tape or an elastic band to hold them together. This, my friend, is your tool for creating the flowers! How’s that for the ‘no tech’ part of this project?


Use an ink palette or a slick (non  absorbent) surface, and place a few drops of each colour for your flowers. For the yellow ones, I chose Honeycomb ink and Alchemy Pearl ink. The pink flowers are made from Raspberry and Wild Plum ink. Take one of your cotton swab bundles, and dip it into the first colour. Dab these swabs onto your Yupo, creating a line upwards. As you get towards the top, tilt your swab bundle to the side, so only one or two of the swabs is making contact with the Yupo. This gives you the shape of your flower.  Move on to creating your next flower, while this one dries.

Use a different swab bundle (I used both ends of the bundles) for each colour. When the first colour is dry, go back and add the second colour, to create dimension and interest. For example, when the Honeycomb ink dried, I went back to add the Alchemy Pearl ink. For the pink flowers, I apply Raspberry first, and Wild Plum second. The photo below gives you a close up look at these cute flowers.

Low Tech/No Tech Alcohol Ink Fun!


In your palette, place a drop or two of Botanical (dark green) ink. Use a small paintbrush and add in your stems and leaves. Draw the stem up through the petals. For the grass, place the alcohol ink pad onto the applicator. Add several drops of both Botanical and Limeade inks onto the pad, randomly (don’t put the same colour side by side – mix them up). Now, create your grass by pouncing the applicator onto the Yupo, underneath the stems. Keep doing this until you’ve covered the area, and are happy with the look.

Finish off your card by stamping the sentiment from the MFT Well, Hello stamp set in Versamark ink onto a strip of bright  pink cardstock. Cover it with white embossing powder, and heat set. Attach the sentiment with foam tape across the bottom left side of the panel. Now attach a strip of yellow cardstock to a bright pink card base, and attach your panel to the card with more foam tape.

Low Tech/No Tech Alcohol Ink Fun!

How fun was that to create?! You can easily do this with a group of friends, and everyone will go home feeling like a real artist! Get more creative, and add a butterfly or dragonfly! This is also a great technique for creating leaves on trees, as well.


I just can’t tell you how happy I was making this card! It was fun, easy and I didn’t have to bring out any ‘heavy tools’. Don’t get me wrong – I love my crafting tools, and would put up a fight if someone tried to take them away. But it’s nice to get ‘back to basics’. I hope I’ve inspired you to give this a try! I’ve included links below, if you need to do some online shopping for supplies.

Low Tech/No Tech Alcohol Ink Fun!

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    1. Thanks, Jackie! I’m glad that you like it. It’s so fun & easy – I hope you can give it a try 🙂

      1. It was fun, Buffy – you should try it! I’m pretty sure it would work with regular ink refills, too. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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