Momma Cat

Welcome to the middle of the week! I don’t know about you, but time, for me, seems to feel very weird these days. Each day seems to be passing slowly, yet then I think about where we are in the month. And we’re almost half way through already! I’m sure it all has to do with hardly leaving the house or seeing anyone outside of my immediate family. These are strange days, turned into strange years! Thank goodness I have my art to keep me occupied. Today I’m sharing a watercolour painting of a Momma Cat. I watched the free tutorial by the very talented Nina Morgan.


The tutorial, and my painting, are in  Brusho Crystal Colours. You can of course use regular watercolour paints, if you don’t have Brusho. This free tutorial can be found on The Fine Art Café Academy site HERE.  You can access the Course Catalogue by creating a FREE account for yourself. There are loads of free tutorials, as well as fabulous paid ones, as well.

Here’s my version of Nina’s Momma Cat.

Momma Cat

My cat turned out to be a bit of a chonky cat! But I think she’s kinda cute, anyway.


First, sketch out the main features of the cat – those are the focal point of the painting. Next, wet down the top half of the paper behind the sketched area. Start adding your colours with a very wet brush, blending the colours and keeping them loose. Then repeat this with the bottom half.

There’s only 5 colours used for this painting; Ost. Blue, Grey, Lemon, Terracotta and a small amount of Black. The final colour added is Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed proof white, for the fur and whiskers.

I found this painting to be fun, and challenging!  I always struggle with keeping my painting loose, so this was a good challenge for me.  Yes, I see lots of areas where I need improvement, but that’s okay. I really appreciate the wonderful artists who share their skills and knowledge, so that I can learn.  I highly recommend the tutorials at The Fine Art Café Academy – both free, and paid.

If you’re new to Brusho and want to learn, or are a seasoned expert, there’s something for everyone. Including the free Brusho Fun group on Facebook! CLICK HERE to join – just please be sure to answer the few  simple questions, so that we know you’re a real person!

Here’s another look at my Momma Cat – this time with a black mat over the painting.

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