More Brusho Fun!

I am having such fun with watercolour, I just can’t put them away yet! Inspired by Kaz Bell’s Highland Cow tutorial – I shared my painting in THIS POST – I watched another one. This one is of a seahorse! I went on to Unsplash, which is a site for royalty free photos, and chose one to use as a reference. Then I had some more Brusho fun, as I painted my seahorse in unrealistic colours!


I had ordered a few more Brusho Crystal Colours to add to my collection, so I wanted to use them. For my seahorse I chose Sea Green, Turquoise and Sprinkle IT in Gold, also by Colourcraft.

More Brusho Fun!

How amazing would it be to see a real seahorse in these colours?! It wouldn’t be good for camouflage, but they sure would be pretty!


First, sketch out the outline of the seahorse onto watercolour paper. If you’re like me, use graphite paper to trace the outline – it’s much easier! (my drawing skills are pretty limited, and tracing is, really, okay to do!). Work on a small area at a time. With a small brush, add clean water to an area on the seahorse; I started with the head. Next, pick up some Brusho crystals with a small dry brush, and sprinkle them into the wet area. Allow the Brusho to spread on it’s own, then repeat.  After getting the colour onto the paper, then use your damp brush to blend the colours. The Turquoise and Sea Green are just gorgeous!

The Sprinkle IT gold crystals are a bit ‘heavier’, it seemed to me. I wet small areas, and then dropped the gold onto them. They don’t move & blend the same as the other colours, but the gold is really sparkly!  I like how it adds such shine & sparkle. Originally I was just going to use the gold for the ‘fins’ and stomach area, but then decided that I like it so much, I added some in random areas.

Once the main image is done, go back with a very fine brush, and add the little ‘hairs’  that are growing off of the seahorse. Those are real – you can check on real photos!


Here’s a closer look, just because I love the colours!

More Brusho Fun!

After painting, I laid a paper towel over the seahorse, and then picked up the Turquoise and Sea Green with a very wet brush & splattered the background.  Keeping the background loose I think allows the seahorse to really stand out.


I really enjoyed this more Brusho fun painting! I hope that you’ll give this type of watercolour painting a try. It’s giving me a chance to try the ‘loose’ style of painting that I’ve really wanted to be able to master.

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    1. So glad you like this Brusho painting, Jackie! I was thinking of you lately, as I know you love to watercolour as well 🙂

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