I’m back today with more resin projects to share! I hope that you enjoyed my resin beach scene artwork I shared yesterday. If you missed that, please have a look HERE. I’m quite please with my first attempt! Today’s projects are much more simple. This time, the resin is used as a sealant for the art pieces.


I found these cute, plain white ceramic dishes at a nearby dollar store. I thought they’d be perfect for turning into trinket dishes;  you know, to hold your earrings, or keys. First, I had to transform them from plain white. First, prep the surface by wiping it clean with isopropyl alcohol. This makes sure there’s no fingerprints, or oil left from your hands on it. Next, apply some Ranger Citrus and Cloudy Blue ink to an alcohol ink applicator pad, and add a bit of alcohol blending solution. Apply the ink to the dish by pouncing the applicator onto the surface of the dish, turning it as you go, for an abstract pattern.  Allow the ink to dry thoroughly. I thought okay, that looks nice – but how about adding something more?  Adding a stamped image on top adds more interest! Use the Lavinia Stamps Pink Orbs stamp, and stamp in archival ink. I chose the Ranger Archival Dusty Concord ink. Use archival, or a Stazon ink,and it will not mix with the alcohol ink underneath.

More Resin Projects


For the next dish, try the pouring & blowing method. To do this, add one colour at a time, with a bit of blending solution. Start with Ranger Cobalt ink. Use the Air Blower to move the ink. Next, add Ranger Vineyard with blending solution on the other end, and blow the inks together. Now, add some Gold Mixative with more blending solution, and blow all 3 together. You can keep repeating these steps, until you’re satisfied with the results.  No stamp was added on top of this one.

More Resin Projects


Remember that the Ranger Clear Resin is NOT food safe – these dishes cannot be used to serve food, or eat from.  Once the alcohol ink has dried (I usually wait overnight, just to be sure),  prepare  your resin. This Clear Resin is super easy to use. I recommend the Ranger Mixing Cups with Stir Sticks to use with it.  Add 1/4 oz. of resin to the mixing cup (measurements are marked on the side), and then add 1/4 oz. of hardener to that. Use the stir stick to mix the 2 together, for 2 minutes. Now, slowly pour the resin into each dish. The resin does self-level, but you can use the stir stick to spread it from one end to the other.  Next,check for bubbles in the resin.  You can pop any bubbles by passing a small lit torch or your heat tool over the bubbles.  If you don’t have either of those, use a toothpick.

Now, the hard part is waiting! Allow the resin to cure for 6-10 hours before touching. This will ensure that you don’t leave any marks in the soft resin. It takes 3 days for the resin to fully cure, to solid state.

More Resin Projects

It’s difficult, but if you look on the left end of the front dish, you can see the line where the resin is.  This is a fun, easy way to create functional art!

You can also create wearable art, with alcohol inks and resin. Check out THIS POST to see some of my earrings and pendants. Then be sure to shop for them in MY STORE!


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