More Transparent Paintings

Welcome to a new week! I can’t believe that it’s mid-August already, and we’re in another heat wave. This past week has once again felt like living inside of a sauna. Humidity is not my friend! Anyway, I sweated it out this weekend to get a couple more transparent paintings done.  You may remember that last week I shared an alcohol ink painting of a badger, done on clear Dura-lar film, then laid over an alcohol ink background done on Yupo. If you missed that post, you can read it HERE. Well, I wanted to use one of the other two backgrounds that I had done then, so I did these 2 flower paintings.


I used a free image from Pixabay for the snowdrops, and traced them onto the clear film Dura-lar. For tracing, I used a fine tip Micron pen. To help your painting ‘pop’ when it’s laid over the background, flip the Dura-lar over, and paint on the back with white Snowcap ink.  With the snowdrops, it’s not necessary to paint the back of the flowers, if you’re going to paint the front of them with the white.

More Transparent Paintings

I cut the background painting and the Dura-lar in half, so each piece is 9″ x 6″.  In the photo above, I laid a black mat over the paintings.


The bleeding hearts flower image is also a free one from Pixabay; it’s a great resource for royalty free images, if you don’t belong to a group, or just want to quickly grab one.  Repeat the same steps as with the snowdrops; trace the image onto the Dura-lar, paint the reverse side of the images, and then the front.

More Transparent Paintings

I like the landscape orientation of this piece, and I think that the background works well with it, too.


I have one more background ready to be used, I just need to find a good image for it.  Plus, these paintings still have to be sealed to protect the ink, and then properly layered together.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed my more transparent paintings; I enjoyed doing them. Let me know if you decided to give it a try!

I used a lot of different colours in these 2 paintings; I’ve linked several below, but feel free to browse in the shops for your favourite colours.

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  1. These are beautiful, Deborah, and they look amazing on the backgrounds. I am so glad you made a mistake when ordering the acetate, because you’ve done amazing things with the clear!

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