More Watercolour Birds

Happy Friday, my friend! We’re in for another heat waving starting this weekend and into next week; how about you? How do you stay cool, when you don’t have an air conditioner in your house (like me – no a/c!)? I’m hoping it’ll stay cool enough for me to spend some more time with my watercolour paints. I’ve been really enjoying them! Earlier this week I shared 2 watercolour birds that I had painted – you can see that post HERE if you missed it.  As I mentioned in that post, I was following a series of video tutorials, for a total of 4 birds. So here I am to share the last 2 of the 4 birds!


The 3rd bird in the series is called a Violet Backed Scarlet. I had never heard of or seen this type of bird before. I looked it up – it’s actually a Violet Backed Starling! Anyway, here it is!

More Watercolour Birds

And you know what? I didn’t use a single ‘purple’ paint for this painting! That’s right – these colours were achieved by paint mixing! That’s one of the things I’ve loved about these tutorials – learning about colour theory and mixing your own colours. By mixing the paints & creating the colours, you get a much wider palette and depth of dimension. Plus, it’s fun!


Speaking of colour mixing – for this Lorikeet, we did the colour mixing on the actual painting, NOT in the palette! It is such fun to watch how the colours blend, and create the new colour, right on the paper.


As I mentioned in the first post, all 4 birds are painted on one sheet of watercolour paper. Here’s a photo of the 4 completed birds.

I have to say, I’m quite chuffed with how they turned out! Are they perfect? Heck, no! But I learned a LOT, and that means more than a ‘perfect’ painting. One day I may get there – but I’ll always be my own worst critic.


If you don’t want to open a new tab to read about the the tutorials I’m taking (mentioned in THIS POST), I’ll remind you in now. The site is called Watercolour Wildlife, and the instructor is Syman Kaye. I joined as a subscriber, so I have access to the paid tutorials. But, there are 3 free tutorials, if you’d like to sample Simon’s style of teaching, and what you’ll learn. It’s well worth the time, and free is always a good price!

I do not receive a commission if you subscribe for the tutorials, but I do receive a commission if you purchase supplies that I recommend, below. When you  use my affiliate links, I receive from the companies a small commission, based on your purchase. This is at NO cost to you.

Thanks for spending some time with me today! I hope that you enjoyed seeing more watercolour birds from me. Have a wonderful, creative weekend!

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