Wow – there is so much to see in Edinburgh; time is flying!

I hope that you’ve been enjoying the posts that I had prepared to post while I’m here in Scotland. But I have some quiet time right now, so I thought I’d share some photos!


Every August, Edinburgh welcomes visitors and talent from around the world to perform at the Fringe festival. Comedians, actors, singers, dancers – there is definitely something for everyone!  As you can I imagine, these meets the high street, which is Princes Street, gets VERY busy!

So Much to see in Edinburgh

Now I know how Salmon feel, when they’re swimming upstream!  Its a constant ‘dodge and weave’ to make your way through all the people.


This amazing monument stands near the top of Princes Street, which runs pretty much parallel to the Royal Mile, where Edinburgh Castle is located.  So you can see the Castle in the background.

So Much to see in Edinburgh

If you have strong legs – and heart and lungs – you can climb the over 200 stairs to the top of the monument for a stunning view!


In the heart of ‘old town’ Edinburgh, which is the original part, sits St. Giles Cathedral.

So Much to see in Edinburgh

A stunning place in itself, it’s very special because when the paving stones were laid, the ‘heart’ of the Old Town was marked in a special way.

So Much to see in Edinburgh

Isn’t this lovely?  I think it’s a very special way to remember the origin of the city.


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Thanks for spending some time with me today – toodle-oo for the noo!


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