New Alcohol Inks and Alloys

I’m so excited – my pre-order of new Tim Holtz products arrived from Scrap ‘N Stamp! Along with a new stamp set & other goodies, I also got some new alcohol inks and alloys. I’m excited to share them with you!

New Alcohol Inks and Alloys

This is my box of happiness! You can see the new Snarky Cat stamp set, the Doodle Art die, and the Hex shaped Hard Core art panels. For inks, I got the Indigo/Violet Spectrum 3 pack, and the single Gumball ink. The other tri-packs that you can get are the Pink/Red Spectrum, the Orange/Yellow Spectrum, the Mint/Green Spectrum and the  Teal/Blue Spectrum.  Or, you can order each colour individually. I also ordered the Bundle of Alloy inks – doing this saves you $5.! In the Bundle you receive all of the Alloys – Foundry, Gilded, Mined, Statue and Sterling.

Here’s a look at the new ink colours, in their Spectrum order.

New Alcohol Ink and Alloys


Of course, the first thing I do (or try to) is get my colour swatches done! For each colour, cut a 1″ square of Yupo, and apply the ink. When it’s dry, add a drop of alcohol ink blending solution onto one corner. This allows you to see the saturated colour, as well as how it looks with the solution.

New Alcohol Ink and Alloys

Ranger hasn’t created a new template for their swatches yet, so next, I’ve just laid the samples where the colour fits in with the existing colours.


New Alcohol Ink and Alloys

You can see that Gumball fits is with the pinks – it should actually be between Pink Sherbert & Flamingo – I put it in the wrong spot!


Of course Cobalt is a gorgeous blue! It fits between Denim and Indigo – but I don’t have Indigo yet.

New Alcohol Ink and Alloys

Boysenberry fits in before Purple Twilight, and Vineyard, a really deep purple, goes between Amethyst and Eggplant (which I don’t have yet).


The Alloys are a brand new breed of alcohol mixatives! Just like the other mixatives – metallic and Snowcap – they require a good shaking before use, to mix the unique metal powders in them with the liquid suspension. The do present a bit of a different sheen than the current metallic inks – I think you can see more of the ‘metal’ in them. Have a look below.

New Alcohol Ink and Alloys

From left to right, the colours are Mined, a bright copper, Statue,which is like a darker copper;  Guilded which is like a gold leaf; Foundry is almost a mix between gold & silver, and Sterling, which is like a darker silver leaf.  Sorry the lighting isn’t the best – trying to capture the true metallic look is difficult without getting tons of glare!


As you can see, these are in fact new colours, that fit in the family of existing colours. They aren’t re-do’s of something you already have. Which means that they are worth the investment, if you enjoy a full spectrum of colours! If you’re like me, with a budget (cursed thing!), I’d recommend getting the Spectrum tri-packs. That way, you’re guaranteed to have colours that work well together, and fit in with colours you may already own. Also, have your colours swatched & organized, so that you can see where you need to ‘fill in’ your spectrum.

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