New Alcohol Ink Projects

Hello again, my friend! I hope that you’ve had a good week, and are looking forward to the weekend. We’ve had really nice weather this week, with summer like temperatures. Of course, the rain is due to start on Saturday! *insert eye roll* Oh well; it’s a good excuse to stay indoors and create. I’ve been busy working behind the scenes on some new projects & changes that are coming up. But that’s all I’ll say for now! I do have a couple of the new alcohol ink projects I’ll share with you today.


I feel like I’m always saying this! Everything is a ‘work in progress’, because they involve so many steps. I’ve had to order more Clear Resin for my jewellery pieces, as I don’t have enough left to complete what I need. Recently I received an order of bisque earring and pendants bases. They had to be sealed before inking.  I managed to get the inking & sealing done, but only the front side have had resin applied.

New Alcohol Ink Projects

What do you think about the colours? And yes – there are earrings to coordinate with these pendants! The resin makes them soooo smooth and shiny!


I just finished inking this new set of coasters. They still have to be sealed (3 coats of sealant & 3 coats of UV protector) before having resin applied.

New Alcohol Ink Projects

I just love what I’m calling ‘peacock colours’, with the Foundry alloy shimmering on top! It’s impossible to get a photo without the shine of the alloy – trust me, I tried! These are going to be super gorgeous when coated with the heat resistant resin.

I’m going to be making more pendants, earrings and coaster sets. If you have a favourite colour combination, let me know what it is, in the comments section! I’m trying to think of colours that will look nice in someone’s kitchen or living room. Do you prefer neutrals to colours? Let me know!


The bisque pendant & earring pieces were ordered from Etsy; for the other products, links are below.  Have yourself a wonderful weekend, however you spend it. I know I’ll be working on my new alcohol ink projects!

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  1. Deb, those are gorgeous! You know that I love the purple one! 😇 so beautiful! I emailed hou, but my chubby fingers hit the send button before I finished so it’s in two parts. haha Have a great weekend and enjoy the rain.

  2. I obviously can’t spell. haha It’s the auto-correct. 🐶🐕 It’s you, not hou. haha

  3. Forgot to ask…which of your watercolor pictures did you choose afterall?

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